Sometimes Being an Adult Requires More Donuts


I am really bad at big changes. I know, I know change is an inevitable part of life…that does not mean I have to like it.  I’m starting a new job soon that I am so excited about. It’s a great opportunity, perfect for my skills and personality, and I am going to kick some serious ass. Still, it will take me a little while to come around to. Until I come around I am consuming massive amounts of baked goods – a little ritual I like to call eating my feelings. It sort of works like this:

The day I turned in my notice to my soon to be old job: ate 2 cookies, anxiety and guilt feelings “I am leaving behind soo much work for my already overworked colleagues!”

The day I started making list of my current job duties for my replacement: 2 donuts, doubt “did I make the right decision? Will I be successful in this new adventure?”

The day I started packing up things in my office: 2 cookies and a brownie ice cream sandwich (yeah, it is as good as it sounds it is an ice cream sandwich but with BROWNIES) nostalgia and pride “look at all these great memories and projects I have acomplished”

My Last Monday (yesterday) Happy hour with some of my favorite coworkers who swiftly became great friends: deli sandwich, sweet potato fries, beer, framboise float (great recipe here…make it, you’re welcome!)  some sadness creeping in here “how will I survive not seeing some of my favorite people every day?”

My Last Day, today.  It’s Valentines day, which helps distract from all the emotions I’m feeling: excitement, sadness, melancholy, anxiety. It is also Tuesday which means I am sure tacos, beer, and dessert are in my immediate future. We have a great place near our apartment that serves up $1.00 street tacos and beer every Tuesday (quite the romantic evening, right?) Don’t worry I’ll keep a food diary of today that I will immediately edit and then share with you.

Tomorrow: My first official day at new job. I know I can handle whatever challenges this new opportunity brings me, In the meantime I am making an ingredient list for Oh My God Donuts

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  1. I am grateful for all you’ve done for the coffee and barista community, as well as how much you’ve assisted me in your time there. I know I told you this weekend, but I am proud of you and excited about your next chapter. Now, go kick some @$$.

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