Vacation Calories, oh Not My Vacation

Vacation Calories is one of the greatest heygirhey-isms to live by.  It’s easy, once you know you have booked your fabulous vacation you immediately reach out to anyone you know who can recommend local places to eat and drink ( yelp if you must but I like real people and  local blogs better).  Check out the menus and start making reservations! I love to eat and vacations are just a vehicle for me to eat ridiculous amounts of fabulous foods and treats in a fabulous place that is not LA.  I obsessively plan meals, I refuse to waste a perfectly good vacation meal on any chain restaurant. If you know you are going to indulge on vacation be smart, increase your salad and exercise frequency beforehand and then you can fully enjoy guilt free Vacation Calories. Also try to walk everywhere while on vacation – which for me is usually from hotel room to the pool/beach/bar/spa, what? I’m still walking!

My parents recently came to LA for a visit and I just jumped on their vacation bandwagon calories and all. It is not pretty but this is what I ate in a 3.5 day period (p.s. totally worth every calorie and hours of exercise I will do burning it all off):

  • sliders
  • mac and cheese
  • chicken wings
  • beer
  • ribs
  • cornbread chicken salad
  • mixed drink with tequila, habanero, and pineapple juice
  • crab cakes
  • made from scratch churro – yes it was DELICIOUS
  • pretzel croissant
  • chicken sandwich
  • sangria
  • sloppy joe slider
  • salmon
  • wine
  • breakfast empanada
  • Umami burger
  • beer
  • sweet potato fries
  • lamb chop
  • salad
  • rice
  • wine
  • mini cupcakes
  • lemon blueberry pancakes
  • soft pretzel
  • and THIS:

a skateboard of BEER

heygirlhey: never count Vacation Calories.

Instead enjoy every bite of your adventures in a new city

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