Barista Competition Drinking Game

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If you work in the coffee industry you know that this weekend kicks of the first of 6 regional barista competitions leading up to the United States Barista Competition in April. If you don’t work in coffee but like drinking games, don’t worry this post is still for you! The NWRBC, thats NorthWest Regional Barista Competition for all of you non coffee peeps, starts Friday in Tacoma, Washington and if you can’t make it there in person you can catch all the action streaming online. While the competitions are entertaining on their own I decided to up the fun factor with a natural choice: booze. Welcome to the 2012 Regional Barista Competition Drinking Game! Participating is easy all you need is a laptop, internet, a few friends, and beer – I recommend buying a cheap beer for actual playing and then a fancy one in a glass bottle (you know like from whole foods) that you can post on instagram and twitter so people will know you are classy.

Now for the rules:

take a SIP if:

  • A competitor uses the words “producer” or “farmer”
  • The Emcee stumbles over pronouncing a competitor or judges name
  • A competitor is wearing a vest
  • Any time a Technical Judge almost collides with a competitor
  • Any time you spot Gianni

take a GULP :

  • Every time the emcee thanks the sponsors
  • Any time a competitor creates some kind of foam for their signature drink
  • Any time the competitor does not use the sponsored grinder
  • Excessive decoration in a competitor set up (ie vase of flowers, ipad, bonsai tree, mini zen garden, etc)
  • If the lineup the emcee announcing does not match the actual competitor lineup listed online

finish your beer if:

  • A competitor spills a drink
  • Emcees change
  • A competitor uses a Justin Bieber song

Waterfall time if:

  •  A competitor goes over the regulation competition time . Start the waterfall  as soon as the clock hits the 15 minute mark and don’t stop until the competitor finishes the round
  • Any time the competition is waiting on the judges to start the next competitor. Start drinking and don’t stop until the judges are announced.

Take a shot if:

  • Any of the judges break their puh puh puh poker face puh puh poker face (s)
  • You spot Marcus Boni as the emcee or a judge


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