Hey Girl Thanksgiving 2015


My parents have been divorced since I was small so for most of my life Thanksgiving was about the shuffle.  My brother and I would show up at one house, hug everyone, eat a little bit of food, and then leave for another house to repeat the pattern. This tradition continued well into adulthood and, not surprisingly, was not relaxing at all. In 2009 I moved out of my hometown of Tempe, AZ to Southern California but would still travel back for Thanksgiving every other year, these trips consisted of more shuffling. Cramming in visits with family, friends, and family friends over four days usually meant there was little time left for napping.

Last October my husband and I bought our house in Sacramento and decided our first tradition as a married couple would be to not leave our new house for the holidays. We also established a few other very important rules that accompany this tradition: relax, eat a lot, pajamas are acceptable at the table (or some version of pajamas like leggings/sweats, etc), and there will be champagne.

Our first Thanksgiving in the new house began with coffee,  bubbles, something a little sweet for breakfast, and watching the Macy’s Day Parade.  Dinner consisted of a mini-feast for two that was served on a folding table in our living room because we hadn’t purchased a dining room table yet. We sat at that tiny table stacked with food and drank too much wine, ate too much pie, and mapped out the future remodel of our kitchen (that we just recently finished, yay!).

Even though I missed my family back in Arizona I was Thankful for a quiet evening full of laughter and love. We talked about foods we loved (canned cranberry sauce for life) hated (you can take a hike green bean casserole), and family traditions growing up. This is how I want to spend every holiday forever, with the most amount of love and laughter and least amount of stress.

I want to always remember to be thankful that I want more than I need in life, I am surrounded by miraculous human beings who are pretty hilarious, and I love more than I stress.

This year we have a beautiful new kitchen that is perfect for cooking the big meal and I am excited to welcome family to our new dining room table. I’m still working on the menu, but I can guarantee there will be canned cranberry sauce and bubbles.



  1. I know the child-of-divorced parents-shuffle all too well. My husband’s family always gets together at Thanksgiving, and not much the rest of the year, so my new tradition is to spend it with them. It’s nice to just stay in one place, but not gonna lie, it makes me miss the shuffle a little bit, because at least I shuffled (and stuffed my face, and told corny jokes) with my siblings. Luckily they stick around for a few days over the weekend, so we try to spend Friday together. The transition has been a little weird, but good!

    • I do miss having seconds on everything and as an adult it was nice to duck out before conversations got too awkward haha! I still miss my family but it is nice to stay put all day. Hope your day is amazing!

  2. I LOVE canned cranberry sauce! I always bring it with me if I go to a house I am not sure will have it. This year we are hosting and I am serving the can, too bad everyone else 🙂

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