Why I (Sometimes) Enjoy When My Husband Travels For Work


My husband travels a fair amount for work and, when I’m able, I usually tag along on trips with him, one of the perks of self-employment. While I love seeing new cities,  food,  and cultures I have a confession – I also sometimes love when I get the house to myself for a few days. As a freelancer I spend most of my working hours at home or in a coffice (cafe + office) so  I am used to being solo. While “me” time is great, what I really love are these perks:

Optional showering
My husband is currently gone for three days and two nights, if it wasn’t for professional meetings I have scheduled I likely wouldn’t shower until before I left to pick him up from the airport. You know who would care, or remind me to care? Nobody. Also we are still in a drought so I would justify my actions by convincing myself and others that I’m saving the entire state of California by abstaining from showering.

All of the terrible television
I won’t out myself with all of the incredibly terrible shows I watch when I am left to my own devices, but you should know I enjoy every second of it. Sometimes I don’t even realize I have been watching Hoarders for three hours, you know why? Because no one is around to tell me to change the channel. Now excuse me while I purge every item in all of our closets.

Sweatpant couture
So we have established that showering is optional, well so is putting on any article of clothing that does not have an elastic waistband. If I am really honest this isn’t much different than what I wear when I work from home, but when my husband is around I usually try to put in a little effort…like something with a button and zipper.

Eating whatever I want, whenever I want
Ice cream for breakfast? Yes. Pretzel sticks dipped in peanut butter for lunch? Yes. Cheese quesadilla and Lucky Charms for dinner? Yes. Every meal is like a mini-episode of Chopped where I pull random ingredients out of the refrigerator and try to create some sort of culinary masterpiece but then settle for something that is simply edible.

Taking up the entire bed and all the blankets
I have heard some people say that when their significant other is not at home they still sleep on  their designated side of the bed. I say, screw that. When my husband is out of town I sleep in the starfish position, yes it is exactly what it sounds like. I take up as much of the bed as possible, and if I get cold I cocoon myself in blankets, because no one is going to fight me for them (my husband might argue that my sleeping habits are not much different when he is home).

Missing Him
Time apart gives me a chance to reflect on how lucky I am to be married to a pretty spectacular man. I have all those silly romantic things happen, like butterflies in my stomach when I know he is on his flight home and feeling my heart beat a little faster when I receive the “ I miss you/I love you” texts. I am a big believer that the healthiest relationships consist of two people who support and love each other, but also have their own lives and interests. Part of my husband’s life is he travels for work, and those days I Spend alone give me the opportunity to remember why I love waking up next to him every day.

What do you appreciate about time away from your significant other ?


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