Hey Girl Guide to Wine Tasting at Home

WIne Tasting Party

Oh glorious Friday, the best day of the week. The day where we always know exactly how many minutes until five o’ clock. What are you doing this weekend? We’ve been friends long enough now that I am going to assume it will involve a glass, or bottle, of wine. I am heading to Napa this weekend (full disclosure I did final editing of this post from my hotel room in Napa) so I will definitely be consuming some vino, you can find follow all the tasting fun over on my Instagram.

If you want to bring Napa into your house this weekend, why not throw a wine tasting party? I’m not talking a fancy, stuffy wine tasting party where people might judge you for showing up with two buck Chuck. I’m talking about getting together a few of your favorite people, having them bring their favorite wine, and sharing some laughs. You should also add cheese to your list, because a wine tasting party is the perfect opportunity to indulge in too much cheese.  My lady friend Kristin who is the artist and brain behind Semi Sweet Press has created a printable wine tasting kit that is perfect for your non-stuffy wine tasting party.

The kit includes tasting mats that coach you through how to evaluate the different facets of the wine. My personal favorite is the Finish description: do the flavors linger after you swallow? (that’s what she said) Yummy, lasting flavors usually mean you are drinking some good shit. Remember the part about only inviting your fun friends? Now you see why I said that. It also includes the judgement cards that you fill out foe each wine you taste.

I was writing that my wine tasted like banana cream pie, it wasn’t my favorite.  This kit makes wine tasting fun, and that is all we really want out of a night that involves wine with good friends right? Who would you invite to your wine tasting party? You better say me.

The Semi Sweet Press kit includes tasting mats, score cards, invitations, numbered wine tags, and instructions for use. Find it here. All photos by Madeloni Photography

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