One Year In Sacramento

Tower  Bridge

At the end of June I celebrated my one year anniversary of moving from LA to Sacramento. While there are parts of LA I will always miss, mainly the smell of the Pacific Ocean, I am becoming a big fan of this city every day. Leaving friends and familiarity to start over in a city that I didn’t know much about was intimidating at first, luckily Sacramento embraced me with open arms. I have spent most of the last year exploring neighborhoods, restaurants, music venues, cocktail bars, museums, events and trying to find my place. Looking back on all my experiences of the past year is pretty mind blowing:  I have become a regular contributor for Girls on The Grid (one of my best decisions, I have met SO many fantastic women because of this blog), dove head first into the craft beer community, established and grown a small business, found a network of inspiring and creative professionals that are also great friends, swapped beach bike rides for bike rides along the river, and said yes to a lot of new (and slightly terrifying) experiences. Another huge bonus of living here: I am only a few hours from San Francisco, Napa, and Tahoe so running away for the weekend is easy. Here’s a look back at most of what I have been up to:


Sugar Mill

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 12.57.52 PM

photo by @faithmari
photo by @faithmari


Old Sac

Bey and the Bay


In honor of my Sacriversay (still trying to make that a word) I started a page detailing all my local spots I have discovered so far. Now if you ever come through town you will know exactly where to go! Looking forward to another year of fun here in my new city, and by fun I mean eating.

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