Hey Girl Scopes: Pigment & Parchment

One of my guiding principles in business and life is collaboration over competition. Surrounding myself with creative people who are not afraid to offer a different opinion or constructive criticism has been the key to a lot of my success.  Once a month I meet with a group of fellow small business owners to share wins, struggles, and goals. We call ourselves the Masterminds, not because we have it all figured out but because we harness the knowledge and experience of other professionals to help guide our business development. The number one rule is “check your ego at the door” and “don’t be a dick” is a close second, both good life rules to follow.

For me the idea of collaboration over competition reaches far beyond these monthly meetings and I was searching for a way to share this concept with an even larger audience that didn’t involve writing another blog or making a podcast (girl only has so much time in the day). I am thrilled to share with you the first, of what I hope will become a continuing series, of live Periscope interviews featuring passionate individuals who are willing to share their knowledge, advice, and a few laughs. These will be short, sweet, and driven by YOUR curiosity.

For my first interview I could not think of anyone better than my fellow lady boss illustrator extraordinaire Rosuara of Pigment & Parchment. In her own words

I’m a mermaid dancing queen. I am laughing until it hurts. I am raw, real & human.

I am a belt-at-the-top-of-your-lungs show tune & an old soul.

I’ve devoted most of my life to creating, learning & seeing.

Rosaura built a successful wedding stationary business (like recently featured on Vouge.com) primarily through her Instagram account. She also has a razor sharp wit, a black cat named Elphaba, and a washi tape collection that I covet. Want to know more about how she got started, how she built her business, who the heck Elphaba is in real life, or what kind of tools she prefers? Join us Monday, June 8th at 10am on Periscope (Find me by searching heygirlhill)

Rosaura will be answering user submitted questions and creating an original piece of artwork live in her studio. As an added bonus anyone that signs up for her newsletter will receive the piece as a free printable!

Leave your questions for her in the comments below.


Hey Girl, what do you say?

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