Show & Tell: Where Have I Been?

Hi, it’s been a while since we just sat down and talked hasn’t it? I’m sorry for that. As I sit here typing I am in complete denial that it is less than a week away from Thanksgiving and I am staring down the end of another year.

I think to myself “where did all the time go?” Then I started writing this post and it is very clear where it all went. I think this is why  keeping some sort of record of your life is important, it is like your own personal history book. Also sometimes I can’t even remember how old I am so anything I want to remember I need to write down.

The past few months have been bursting with major life events and my head is still spinning a little so I’m sorry if this update is a little segmented and wandering. In reality that is how my day to day thinking operates so just look at it as a window into my brain. I’m going to go first, and then you share personal highlights with me in the comments, and then when we are all caught up we can talk about what kind of pie we are going to eat next week. Here goes:

It feels like it was years ago, in reality it was almost exactly two months. I don’t know how to accurately capture the feeling of that day, it was a magical dream surrounded by love and I never wanted it to end. It was small, about 45 people, but that was the perfect amount. As I stood up with my now husband I could feel the love, light, and support radiating like we had invited 1000 people. We ate BBQ, danced, drank a lot of champagne, sat by fires, and laughed. I will have a full recap of everything wedding related, including the part where I take issue with George Clooney getting married on the same day, as soon as I get all the pictures back. For now here is some sneaky peeks:

Me & Dad
Me & Dad

Me & Dad

MARRIED! photo by Nick Cho
MARRIED! photo by Nick Cho

Remember when I used to write to you from a tiny one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles? Well now I have a whole gigantic house (with a yard!) and am still writing to you from the tiny dining room table that was in my tiny apartment, old habits die hard.  We knew that we wanted to move closer to the city center for a bigger variety of restaurants, bars, and shopping but we also knew that we wanted a house with character. After four months of spending every spare second scouring MLS listings and seeing 15 houses in person we found our house. It is located in an old established neighborhood just a few miles outside of downtown Sacramento. The house itself was built in 1957 and a lot of the decor is original, including a pink sink and bathtub in the hall bathroom (yes, we are keeping it. I hated it at first but now I can’t imagine taking it out). We are going to keep as much of the mid century feeling as we can but some of the features do not reflect the sexy Don Draper era, like wood paneling on the walls and faded linoleum tile. So get ready for posts about me navigating through Home Depot and my husband being very patient as I learn to home improve.

What I did last Saturday night
What I did last Saturday night

My husband works in coffee, specifically he buys coffee, so once or twice a year he takes a trip to coffee producing countries to meet with current suppliers and find new ones. People in the industry call these “origin trips,” and while some might think it sounds exotic and adventurous, I can tell you first hand it is also exhausting. We hopped three countries in two weeks and spent a lot of hours on unpaved roads traveling to and from coffee farms, this was also one of the best experiences of my life. Learning first hand how coffee is grown, harvested, and processed for sale in the market was a unique opportunity. Another added bonus was I got to brush up on my Spanish skills and at no point in the trip did my husband and I try kill each other (this is pretty impressive considering we spent 24 hours a day together for two weeks straight).

Nicaragua Views
Nicaragua Views
See how I'm glowing from the humidity and bug spray?
See how I’m glowing from the humidity and bug spray?
This is an unripe coffee cherry, I picked them myslef.
This is an unripe coffee cherry, I picked them myself.
View from the farm in Nicaragua
View from the farm in Nicaragua

So that is the quick version of what I have been up to. Now that life has slowed down a bit I will have time to share more detailed posts about all of these adventures. Ok, now your turn…whats up?!

Also I know I  promised we would talk about pie. One of my BFFs is an unbelievably talented baker and recently won a recipe contest with her Saltie Caramel Apple Pie. She assured me it pairs well with coffee, so I will likely be eating it for breakfast Thanksgiving morning.

It’s good to be home.


  1. Well done, you! You pretty much nailed all of that!

    If you still have any of that paneling you ripped off the wall (small odd pieces) let me know.

  2. Again, you have made me weepy with love and pride in you. I am so happy to have shared your wedding weekend with you. And me? I’m still limping around and now I want pie.

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