Hey Girl Tested: Yo App

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 11.17.23 AM

I don’t download a lot of random apps on my phone. You see, for the work I do I already spend a lot of time staring at social feeds on my phone. About every other month I seriously resent that tiny illuminated screen and want to run it over with a steam roller. I want apps that serve a point and make my life easier. I don’t have time for Words With Friends or Flappy Bird because I have like 175 million unread emails (not causing me any anxiety AT ALL). Recently though I downloaded the YO app on a whim. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and saw one of the brands I follow announce that they were now on YO with a link to download the app. I had some time to kill, likely standing in line somewhere, so I clicked to find out more.

The tag line for YO  is “zero characters communication.” This immediately made me think of my BFF  because honestly a lot of our communication is an exchange of selfie reactions. We are at that point in our friendship where we are basically telepathic so it works for us. Our preferred app for the very mature and adult selfie communications is typically Snap Chat so I though YO would be something similar.

The app download was free but once I had it on my phone I still didn’t get it. I created a username and searched my address book for anyone I knew that might be on YO, nothing. I immediately demanded that my husband and BFFs download the app so I could properly evaluate it’s usefulness. Once you add friends on YO their username shows up on the home screen, if I tap the user name it sends that person a “yo” which is exactly what it sounds like, the person you select receives a push notification on their phone that says “yo” in a creepy electronic robot voice. It was fun for a little while and my girlfriend and I brainstormed when sending a yo would be valuable, this was the list:

-When you are at a party and stuck in an awkward conversation. Sending your friend a yo as a ‘please come rescue me’ is much less suspicious than terrified eye contact across the room.

-When you are supposed to meet someone send them a yo when you have arrived at the designated meeting place.

-When you are so over the crowded bar send a yo telling your friends goodnight.

-When you are in a meeting and you are bored (make sure your phone is on silent) send a yo to your bestie across the conference table.

-When you go on a trip send your mom a yo when you landed safely.

For a while I thought this was all the YO was good for, but then I discovered that I could subscribe to different yo notifications. I signed up for YO Need This (cute puppy pics), Large Earthquake (when there is an earthquake larger than a 6.0 magnitude),  Yo Daily Joke (obvious), Yo Bama (when the President announces and executive order), and Now This (breaking news updates).  Since following these accounts I love YO even more. Since it is supposed to be “zero characters communication” I figured I would just show you what I have received

Yo Images

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 12.45.11 PM

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 12.44.33 PM

Obviously the puppies are the best, but wait THERE’S MORE! You can sign up to receive yo notifications for all kinds of useful things like: when your FedEx package gets delivered, your favorite YouTube personality posts a new video, it is scheduled to rain within the hour in your city, a new listing comes up in your Craigslist search, and the newest EBOLAYO to stay up to date on breaking Ebola news.

In short, I decided YO gets to stay on my phone, mostly because puppies. Want to YO with me? Find me at @HEYGIRLHILL

What apps can’t you live without?

Hey Girl, what do you say?

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