This Week in Internet Searching: Clooney Wedding and Barknado

Welcome back to This Week in Internet Searching where I bare my browsing history and you totally relate, or judge me.

1. What is the drug ‘Molly’? I was reading a a gossip article about Amanda Bynes and how she is kind of losing it lately. Apparently in a Brooklyn salon she “smoked marijuana, dumped a bottle of prescription pills all over the floor; left open a bathroom door open as she tried on clothes, begged another patron for their shoelaces and then asked someone to book her a flight” The incidents are being blamed on a drug with the code name Molly, so I had to ask the internet what it was. Turns out it is “the powder or crystal form of MDMA, the chemical used in Ecstasy.” Cool, glad I got on board the ‘Say No to Drugs’ wagon.

2. How to make Crock-Pot marinara sauce: I am obsessed with my Crock-Pot, its like magic. You just throw a bunch of crap in there, turn it on, and wait for your house to smell delicious. This marinara recipe turned out amazing.

3. Is crock pot capitalized? Yes, and it is Crock-Pot (trademarked word)

4. Most disgusting pumpkin flavored foods: I’m trying to talk my friends into doing a Fear Factor like tasting of them at a get together, no takers yet. Anyone else interested in giving pumpkin spice Pringles a go round?

5. How to train for a half marathon: It’s a lot of running, like A LOT. I love challenging myself though, so still contemplating. I had more fun thinking about what my running soundtrack would be, Beyonce duh.

6. George Clooney Wedding People Magazine: I maintain my belief that Geroge Clooney purposefully got married on the same day as me and my now husband (of two weeks) because he couldn’t stand that we didn’t invite him. Anyway, People Magazine just published the pictures. Everything is very dreamy and everyone in attendance has very white teeth. I am still waiting for People to call about the exclusive on my pics.

7. KFC keyboard: I don’t remember why I Googled this, but I can’t stop looking at it.

Image Source
Image Source: Thrillist

8. Dog Sharknado costume: My sister is one of the many fanatics of the Sharknado dynasty that SyFy channel built. I tried to talk her into creating a Sharknado Halloween costume, but she wasn’t really feeling it. While image searching costumes to try and change her mind I found something even better: BARKNADO!

Image Source: Huffington Post
Image Source: Huffington Post

Happy Weekend

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