Candy Corn Cocktail

image by Semi Sweet Press
Image by Semi Sweet Press

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, except for the dressing up part. This fall holiday ushers in the season of the “oh f**k it” diet. All of sudden candy and cookies become totally acceptable breakfast options and cocktail party invitations start rolling in from friends. Ok so maybe I just really love eating and drinking part more than whatever actual holiday it is, I can own that. In honor of the first  holiday of the season my friend over at Semi Sweet Press has concocted a Candy Corn Cocktail that, in addition to being delicious, teaches you how to make Candy Corn infused vodka (now you get why we are friends, right?). Here is how you do it:

1/2 cup Candy Corn, plus extra for garnish
1 1/2 cups vodka
Club soda

How to Make:
Combine candy corn and vodka in a jar and let sit for a few hours. Feel free to add  more candy corn if you are a fan of sweet cocktails!

Pour through a sieve to remove solids.

Pour over ice and add club soda to taste.

Garnish with Candy Corns and a fancy straw.

If you want to batch make this as a punch it could be fun to add dry ice and give it the spooky smoking effect.

Delicious cocktails are not the only talent of  Semi Sweet Press ! They also makes unique and quirky hand illustrated cards, my personal Halloween favorite is this one (I might actually try to carve Mr T this year).

Image by Semi Sweet Press
Image by Semi Sweet Press

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