This Week in Internet Searching: ice cream doughnuts and sexy pineapple

Internet searching

One of my writer/woman crushes is a fabulously confident and hilarious woman named Shanna  Germain. She recently published a blog post about the contents of her internet search history and it inspired me to track back through my own as well. I never really realized how amazingly insightful my Google searching could be. I ended up giggling more than once about what someone who had never met me would think if they were presented with the subjects of my searching. So welcome to my new Friday feature: This Week in Internet Searching where I share the highlights of my weekly adventures on the world wide web.

Week: September 29-October 3

Recent Searches:

1. Ice cream doughnuts: It is still hot here in Sacramento so I am using it as an excuse to continue to eat frozen treats. Some snack angel at Bakers Donuts combined my two favorite things ever to create a doughnut ice cream sandwich.

2. Best gift for a 10 year old girl: My niece has a birthday coming up, I have no idea what to get her. The internet told me to buy her hair chalk,  board games, and a karaoke iPod dock. I ended up buying one of these three items.

3. Are mini pigs good pets: They are cute and I want one. Husband is not totally convinced that mini pig is a good pet option, the debate continues. Also if you are having a bad day do yourself a favor and watch some pig videos on YouTube.

4. Sexy food costumes: I’m writing a piece for a lifestyle blog I contribute to about the worst sexy Halloween costumes. I can confirm that sexy pineapple, grapes, and watermelon are a thing. Cue full body eye roll

5. Dim Sum Brunch Sacramento: Because yum, sadly none in Sacramento.

6. Is kettle bell one word or two? Turns out it is one: kettlebell.

7. George Clooney wedding pictures: We got married on the same day (Sept 27) I had to confirm our ceremony was way better than theirs, it totally was. We had kegs of wine, take THAT Cloones.

8. When does the new season of American Horror Story start: This season is set at a circus, sure to reignite my irrational fear of clowns.

9. National Kale Day: This is really a recognized day, smoothie enthusiasts rejoice!

10. Best bright colors for medium skin tones: I really want to add some outrageously bright unicorn colored hair to my coif.

What would your list look like?


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