Adult Life Decisions: Buying My First House

Buying a House

Guest Post by Savanah Ladd


Soooo…I bought a house.

That statement still seems so ridiculous to me.  Somehow, a girl who barely knows how to turn on an oven was given permission to purchase a sizable piece of property. I’m two weeks in and mostly have no idea what I’m doing. I’m still having trouble remembering to lock all of the doors (there are so many??)

Even with the initial shock of being forced into full blown adulthood, I still feel pretty good about my decision.  From my short experience so far, there have been three substantial advantages to home ownership that have stood out for me and made this whole anxiety-ridden mess worth it.


I’ll be honest – I’m pretty damn pleased with myself.  I’m making moves, starting the next chapter – all those completely overused lines that apply to becoming an actual grown up.  Since graduating from high school a semester early, I’ve worked pretty hard to get to where I am today.  From attending five years of college (OF COURSE I felt the need to switch majors halfway through) while holding a full time job to working as an unpaid intern for a company 50 minutes away from home, I’ve never been one sit back and wait for life to happen.  I love the job I have now, and I feel extremely lucky, but also deserving.  It’s like the universe is finally saying “Alright boo, you do you.”


I haven’t thrown a party yet, but I can barely contain myself at the thought of doing so.  I love hanging out with large groups of friends, drinking too many vodka tonics, and eventually falling asleep in the bathtub.  And now I have TWO bathtubs to choose from!  (Just kidding… kind of).  Living in an apartment, I never felt as though I could have a proper get-together without annoying the residents around me.  I suffer from a disease known as “worrying way too much about other people,” so the thought of upsetting my neighbors always won over my desire to host a soiree.  Now, I finally have the freedom to turn up that 90’s R&B, invite those friends over that get really loud when they’re drunk, and get down with my bad self.

Creative Freedom

I’ve never really been into interior decorating.  The overwhelming amount of décor options to choose from always sent me into a panic, so I decided to avoid it all together – thus why my last apartment was adorned with Elvis posters I acquired in my middle school years.  But I’ve decided now is the time to conquer my fear.  There is no longer a crazy landlord lurking around who doesn’t want me to paint over the painfully boring beige color they decided to paint EVERY room with.  I could paint my walls neon pink and hang black lights in every room if I wanted to.  (And I’m seriously considering it).   Either that or I will just put up some wallpaper and call it a day.

Do you own a house?  If not, do you want to?  How can I decorate mine so that it looks like an adult lives here??

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