Four Stages of Caramel Macchiato

written by my anonymous friend


image source: Flickr
image source: Flickr


It is pretty amazing how desperate our need for caffeine can make us, and it almost always seems to rear it’s ugly head in airports. Somehow it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, people need coffee when they travel. The act of needing something can lead to lowering your standards, as in I would chew on espresso beans right now for the caffeine. Recently my friend was traveling through an airport and in need of caffeine. In her luggage juggling haze she made the decision to order and drink a caramel macchiato (the first one she has ever ordered in three years). This is what happened to her next:

Stage One

“mmmm a delicious combination of dairy and caramel sugar sauce! I hope I get to the caffeine at some point.”

Stage Two

Seriously though, how did I just drink 12oz of milk and sugar in five minutes?”

Stage Three

“Oh no, I think I can feel the caramel sauce congealing in my veins. Am I going to vomit?”

Stage Four


Have you ever had a desperate caffeine moment?

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