Boozy Party Pinata

About 5 years ago I hit that wonderful point in life where I finally stopped seeing my parents as a meal ticket or a taskmaster and  developed an adult friendship with them. All of a sudden I started seeing my parents as real human beings that have lives outside of mine and (gasp) might even be fun to hang around. A recent interaction with my Mom made me appreciate this part of my life so much more. We were discussing her upcoming birthday, I asked what she was planning on doing and she said she hadn’t decided yet. I  then asked if she could have anything for her birthday what would it be? I was expecting her to say a dream vacation or a day at the spa, but her response was so much better.

“Oh I don’t know, a party with a pinata that is filled with those mini tequila bottles so I can make margaritas”

MINI TEQUILA BOTTLES. I almost died, and then I died laughing. I dedicate this craft to my wonderful mother who I hope never ever loses her sense of humor or honesty. I also want to thank her for giving me the best idea for every birthday party for the rest of my life.


Boozy Party Pinata


What You Will Need

  • tissue paper
  • confetti and glitter
  • heavy string or ribbon
  • mini bottle of tequila (or preferred booze)
  • tacky glue
  • scissors
  • mini feather boa (optional but totally awesome)
  • pinata mold

The pinata mold is completely optional. There are ways to make your own using cardboard boxes or toilet paper rolls. The advantage of those is you can make them into whatever shape you want. I was not that committed to this craft so I bought a pre-made mold for $1.00 at Joann (I combined a cupcake shape and cone shape to make an ice cream cone). Find them here

Fringe Fever

Cut the tissue paper into strips about an inch wide. The length will vary depending on what kind of pinata mold you are using, for the ice cream cone I used strips that were about 10 inches long. Pro Tip: measure the circumference of your mold before cutting strips. Once your strips are cut make them into fringe by cutting little tiny slits, but still leaving enough room at the top to secure onto the pinata.


Let it Hang

Make two holes in the top of the pinata and two holes in the base, drill bits, nails, or screws work best. Take your string or ribbon run it through the base of the pinata (the cone)  and knot each side to the top.


Pinatat Holes



Get to Gluing

Starting at the bottom of your pinata mold, glue fringe strips all the way around. Keep layering the strips in whatever color pattern you like until you reach the top. The strips should be glued fairly close together, you want the fringe to cover the top part of the strip below (where you put the glue).  I opted to cover the top of my ice cream pinata with a mini feather boa (also purchased at Joann), but this is your pinata so if you want glitter or more fringe instead go for it. The boa was really easy to attach I covered the top in glue, wound it around in a swirl pattern, and let it dry.


wrapped pinata


Stuff It

This is the fun part! fill your pinata with confetti, glitter, and of course your desired bottle of booze. Make sure they you pick an appropriate bottle size, I actually didn’t end up using the bottle pictured because the base was too wide to fit into the pinata.


Party Pinata

Who would you give one to?

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