Juice Journal


Last week I did a three day juice cleanse that consisted of five juices a day and one solid meal for dinner.  I thought it would be so easy, that I could do anything for three days without even blinking. I liked all the ingredients in the juices and was excited about doing something healthy for myself. I decided I would document my experience in what I am no dubbing the Juice Journal, and here I am to share it with you:

Juice Journal Day 1

Day 1! I started with my first juice (carrot ginger) and 9am and loved it. By 4pm I was starting to get hungry and found myself staring at food I couldn’t eat in the refrigerator. My least favorite juice so far is the one with parsley, juiced parsley is just such an overwhelming flavor (tomorrow I will fix that). Also parsley can’t have that many health benefits can it?  Isn’t it mostly used as a garnish for your french fries? For dinner I had a salad loaded with veggies, it did not have the best part of salads: cheese. Avocado was on the approved food list though so I loaded up with that and pretended it was delicious blue cheeses crumbles. Another fun fact I learned from my juice cleanse: watching The Bachelorette sober while eating a cheeseless salad is not enjoyable at all. I am questioning my loyalty to the entire Bachelor franchise.  I went to bed immediately after the show was over so I didn’t have to watch any more food commercials on TV.

Day 1 rating: I almost cried when a commercial featuring cheesy biscuits came on

Juice Journal Day 2

Still feeling motivated and good. I adjusted the parsley levels on juice #4 and it is much easier to drink. The worst part for me right not is the no caffeine rule. I feel kind of hazy and zombie like, and more than a little resentful towards the herbal tea I am drinking. I had to leave the house today for a meeting at a cafe, because I just like to torture myself apparently, and I was staring at the baked goods like they were a shirtless Ryan Gosling. Tonight’s dinner was cauliflower soup with roasted sweet potato strips. By the time dinner rolled around it felt so good to be eating solid food, I didn’t care what it was. I am starting to miss the crunch of crackers, chips, or nuts.

Day 2 rating: I pulled the container of fresh grated Parmesan cheese out of the refrigerator more than once just to smell it.

Juice Journal Day 3

I have been peeing nonstop, humans are not supposed to drink this much liquid I’m sure of it. I am so over ginger, I need to never eat it again after this cleanse. I still have pretty low energy, I got tired just thinking about working out so I went to bed at 8pm instead. I didn’t drink the last juice today, I just could not bring myself to drink more liquids. I haven’t had any protein, dairy, or wine in 3 days. I have pretty much morphed into a 3 year old toddler that could have a massive meltdown at any moment. Dinner was a acorn squash and portobello  mushroom hash, I poured a lot of Sriracha on it and pretended it tasted like pad thai. I am jealous of anyone I see eating food, I am already planning my first meal back.

Day 3 rating: I’m hungry. I saw a bug walking across the table and debated how much protein I would consume if I ate it. Don’t worry I didn’t do that…


Overall Reflections

I didn’t lose a bunch of weight ( I wasn’t trying to), but I did feel a little healthier. Between juice and water I was consuming a lot of liquids so my body got adequately flushed. I have no idea how anyone does these cleanses for longer that 3 days. I didn’t have enough energy to work out like I normally do which I think was a combination of low protein and no caffeine.  Would I do it again? Probably, but I would come up with better dinner options that fit the meal guidelines. In case youa re wondering on day 4 I had a couple beers and a grilled chicken club sandwich and it was heaven.

Have you done a juice cleanse? How did you get through it?

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