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The toughest part about writing a blog is when I  think all of my ideas sound stupid. This is usually when I have three of four posts that I have started writing but never finished because I am ridiculously self-critical. When I get stuck like this I turn to the internet for inspiration. Sometimes this leads to a brilliant idea and sometimes it leads to me watching cat videos for hours on end (seriously, the never get old). During one of my internet inspiration stints I came across a photo challenge on Instagram that prompted users to curate a collection of items in a single photo that represented their personality.

In an effort to distract myself from writing I started making a list of everything about my personality I would want represented in the photo and then began assigning objects that would express my vision. I ended up with a giant pile of symbolic objects that I spent way too long trying to arrange in a picture worthy manner before I gave up.  I don’t mean to sound braggy, but I think I am a pretty interesting person. It was time to reevaluate what I really thought Hey Girl was all about. I needed a clear (and pretty to look at) visual message of me. Here is the anatomy of the photo I used (pictured above):


1. Neon Tassel: I love color. Anything bright and loud I’m on board, the more distracting the better. Not because I crave attention, but because I am not afraid to stand out. Also it is a reminder to celebrate life. It might sound cheesy but finding the party in the everyday tasks makes life a lot more fun to live. Dancing while I do the dishes, singing while I vacuum, and pretending my balcony is a swanky rooftop lounge keep me attitude positive and the people around me smiling. The tassel is a reminder to keep up the fun, and not take myself too seriously.

2. Greeting Card: I have made some hard choices in my life. I left cities, jobs, relationships, and family in the pursuit of a life that truly fulfills my authentic soul. We all have these moments of choice, they require massive amounts of bravery. This saying is framed and hung up in my house to remind me that brave choices usually have big returns, so leap without fear and enjoy the fall.

3. Hey Girl Hey gum (yes gum): I am a huge advocate for women being nice to each other. As mentors, friends, sisters, or bosses I hope we all can work on supporting each other instead of figuring out ways to gossip and tear each other down. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be competitive, I think that drives us to improve, but I don’t think how we look or what we label are wearing should mater when it comes to encouraging ambition. I have a fantastic circle of women friends that are my biggest fans, sounding boards, and not afraid to call me on my shit. I encourage all of you to cultivate a similar support system because it is awesome.

4. Pen: I write, I love it. I carry around a notebook and pen wherever I go so I don’t forget flashes of brilliance I have while I’m out and about.  Also I couldn’t fit my laptop in the picture.

5. Unicorn: Mysterious, magical, glittery, whimsical…just like me

6. I’ll Drink to That napkin: I’m an extrovert, I love any reason to get out of the house. Coffee, cocktails, or smoothies if it gets me around a new environment with interesting people I’ll drink to that.


Now it’s your turn…what would you put in your personality collage? Post your pic in the comments!


  1. You’re spunky and honest and I like that. You’re also a fan of girls not being mean and catty. You’re an extrovert who loves coffee & cocktails. You’re a writer, friend-maker and sass.

    You and I have a lot in common. We should hang out sometime. 🙂

    Welcome to our awesome city – hope you fall more in love with it every day.

    — Kari

  2. I wrote this long witty comment… Then had to sign in to post it and it was erased.

    The theme of the comment was:
    We have a lot in common and should hang out. Welcome to our rad little city. — Kari

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