Don’t Bother Me I’m Juicing



I have jumped on the juice cleanse bandwagon friends! I have been on two really awesome trips this summer where most of them revolved around eating and drinking. I’m not complaining, that is the BEST part of going on vacations. I do think that my body needs a little bit of a reset after all of those deliciously wrong carb choices. I went with a juice cleanse because it is pretty mindless (prep juice the night before and grab it on your way out the door to work) and honestly I like a challenge. The cleanse consists of  five juices a day and one meal at dinner that is only fruits or vegetables.  The no-nos  are coffee, meat, and pretty much all carbs. This is supposed to be a three-day cleanse but I am going to try to push myself to five with a few modifications after the third day. The options for juice cleanses are plentiful and it took some serious research to find one I could commit to. Subscribing to an online juice program, where they ship bottles of juice to your doorstep, could run up to $60 a day. Instead we (my fiance agreed to partake in the juice experiment as well) opted to just buy a juicer on amazon for $60 and prep all the juices ourselves. Let’s also be honest, that juicer will make some killer orange juice for mimosas when this is all over.

The ingredients are what you would expect: apples, kale, oranges, and ginger. For a complete list of ingredients and the program I’m following click here.  I’m keeping a “juice journal” that highlights my hunger pangs, caffeine withdrawals, and eventual good feelings that I will post next week when I am eating solid foods again.

Have you done a juice cleans before? Have any advice for me? I’m going to live through this…right?



    • Hey! A little over a month and I will officially be sister in law 🙂 This recipe looks insanely delicious, thank you for sharing! I’m feeling good so far except for just now when I watched a bug walk across the patio and wondered how much protein I would get if I ate it.

  1. I’ve actually been wanting to do a juice cleanse but have just done juices when my vegetables are just about dead. It just seems like it could be pricey. I got a nice juicer recently.

    • For two of us to get all the ingredients for the cleanse it was about $120. Still cheaper than $60 bucks a day! You could always do a mini cleanse and try one day to see how you like it?

  2. If you live in or close to a big city, see if there is a wholesale produce market that you can go to. That’s what I do in Southern California. I drive to the LA whole produce market, and I’m able to get fruits and veggies 30-50% off what I would pay in retail. You just have to buy in bulk. But when you are juicing, I don’t think that’s going to be a big deal for you. Good luck!

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