Hey Girl Headquarters Relocates



We need to talk. I’m moved out of LA. I know, I should have told you BEFORE I left, but I really hate goodbyes and tears and all of that so I snuck off like a big chicken. I packed up my beach cruiser, had a final greasy meal at Tito’s Tacos, and headed north for Sacramento. You see, I got engaged to this ridiculously amazing man and living 6 hours apart was just not going to work for us. Sacramento might not have ocean breezes and killer street tacos but it is no slouch as a city, it is the state capital after all.

Sacramento is surrounded by agriculture fields that grow everything from tomatoes to pistachios, to beer hops. It is known as the Farm to Fork Capital of America! This means that the farmers markets are exploding with fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers every week. It also means Sacramento loves to eat, so obviously I feel right at home. They love food so much there there is a celebration for just about anything food related, seriously. This week is BLT Week, next week is Sacratomato Week, and beyond that there are things like Baconfest, Farm to Fork Week, Beer Week, Cocktail Week, and Specialty Coffee Week.

Outside of food there are amazing adventures to be lived every day! Downtown is alive with concerts, restaurants, theater, and more cocktails. If I want to get out  San Francisco, Napa, or Tahoe are only a couple hours drive.  I am really excited to get exploring, eating, and sharing all of my favorite places with you. If you live in Sacramento I expect us to be BFFs soon, I know that is a little bossy…but seriously I’m pretty fun. If you visit Sacramento I will soon have a page dedicated to my favorite things in my new hometown.

Here is to leaping into new adventures!

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