Strawberry Lemon Boozesicles


I flew back from Italy on Saturday, I’m still in a weird jet lag state. It kind of feels like that drowsy/half dreamy feeling I get when I take night time cold medicine, so forgive me if this post is a little wandering…just go with it. While I was on a plane home the first day of Summer happened and California definitely got on board. Yesterday I woke up at 3:30am, then took a nap until 6:30am, and then got up for real. Beating jet lag means you just make yourself stay awake however possible…and then at 10pm you crawl into bed for the best night of sleep of your life. Part of my “fighting jet lag” plan yesterday was to be out in the sun by the pool, that whole bright sunlight thing is supposed to remind my body to stay awake. While I was out avoiding sleep I enjoyed my new favorite summer treat: the boozesicle. This really is the best thing to happen to summer pool parties everywhere. The boozesicle is your favorite popsicle flavor.. and VODKA! Grab a raft and some sunscreen friends, we are doing this.




raspberry lemonade

(seriously though, use whatever kind of fresh juice YOU like – I’m not the boss of your boozesicles)

3-4 fresh strawberries

1 fresh lemon  cut into slices, removed from the rind and seeded



How To

The most important part about the boozesicle is the alcohol to juice ratio. If you use too much vodka they won’t freeze properly – which I guess then you could just pour it into a glass and call it a cocktail, but not nearly as fun. The ratio is one part vodka to four parts juice. The popsicle molds I bought (pictured below) hold 4oz of liquid each and there was six of them in the set. So my recipe for six boozesicles was based on 24 ozs of total mixture. I used 5oz (one part) vodka and 20oz (4 parts) of raspberry lemonade. Your popsicle molds may hold more than 4oz of liquid but as long as you respect the 1:4 ratio you are good to go. Another note on popsicle molds, I found mine at Marshalls for eight bucks, if you want the exact same ones you can purchase them on Amazon here.


boozesicle mold


While your popsicle molds are sill empty disburse the chopped strawberries and lemon pieces evenly, pour the boozesicle mixture in, and throw those babies in the freezer for a few hours.




If you have any issues getting them out of the mold just run a little bit of water on the outside and pull gently.  Boozesicles are best enjoyed in the sun without shoes on. Here’s to an amazing summer friends.


summatime boozesicles

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