DIY: Paper Birthday Crown

I’m not usually a crown person. I think for the most part adult women in crowns are kind of ridiculous, sorry Miss America. I also think that eating donuts for an entire week is a little ridiculous, but during Birthday Week ANYTHING GOES! So, I made a birthday crown that I thought was more cute and whimsical than it was pageant queen.  You should make one too, and wear it while eating donuts because it’s Birthday Week.


What You Will Need:


black permanent marker

hot glue gun

toilet paper or paper towel roll

decorations (just go crazy at the craft store)


spray paint ( I used gold, duh)


How To Do It

1. Draw a zig zag design around the edge of your cardboard tube. I tried a couple other pattern variations, but this was the easiest one to cut out.



2. Cut out your pattern and also cut two slits towards the bottom of the tube and across from each other. After painting you will slip the headband through these two slots.



3. Paint and decorate your crown. After the spray paint has dried slide the headband through the two slits you cut and position it wherever you want. Secure the crown to the headband with a few beads of hot glue around the slits. There are no rules for decorating the crown, you do you.

birthday crown

4. Wear, smile, and be flattered by endless well wishers.





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