Birthday Week 2014


I am celebrating 29 part three on Thursday and I am one of those people that celebrates birthday week. I will be honest with you, I mainly use it as an excuse to eat baked goods and drink champagne without discretion or guilt for 5-7 days. So every year in honor of birthday week, and another  trip around the sun, I try something new, exciting, or mildly crazy. Sometimes it is as small as a neon manicure or as big as spending 24 hours in a foreign country. This year was bangs. I know some of you are rolling your eyes, but it was a serious decision process (an all of you rolling your eyes have probably had bangs forever!). My hair length has never been an issue for me, it grows back pretty fast. Bangs though are a whole other level of commitment, you know this if you have ever tried to grow out bangs. Also the last time I had bangs I looked like this:




So you have to give me a little break on the haircut anxiety. I selected the perfect style of hair cut I  wanted, on Pinterest naturally, and was prepared for the chopping. Like most situations that give me an elevated heart rate in life, it turns out to be so not a big deal…this is no exception. After I got out of the stylist chair, 3 inches of hair lighter, I was beaming. What is wrong with me? I should have got in on this new bang trend a long time ago! Join me this week in ushering the year of the sassy hair flip. Seriously, be careful if you are standing too close to me.  Lots of fun birthday posts to come this week, let’s celebrate together!




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