Six Word Memoir

Six Words


I’m not impressed with people who can speak, I am with people who can tell a story. It is easy to commit facts, anecdotes, and words to memory and then verbally regurgitate them in front of a crowd of people. Telling a story though, that takes some work. What if you had only six words to tell a story? Your life story to be specific. Smith Magazine challenges individuals to do just that by writing a six word memoir.

I decided to take on this challenge because honestly I thought it would be easy, but then I started to write. My whole life in six words seemed like I was doing my soul a disservice, I had so much to share. I realized I was falling into the trap of being an adult by over-thinking this entire process. I was worried about how my six word memoir would sound when I said it out loud instead of being authentic to myself. I forgot this was a representation of me, and that you don’t have to get it for the meaning to be true.

My six word memoir:

fearlessness is one of her charms

what is yours?


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