Summertime S’mores

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer and I think we all would agree that summer means camping season.  Full disclosure: I don’t like camping that much but I do enjoy a gooey marshmallow warmed over a camp fire and sandwiched between crunchy graham crackers. In my never ending quest to make your life better by reading this blog I created three droolworthy twists on the classic outdoor dessert. More full disclosure: I might have taste tested these for breakfast this week, I can confirm they are delicious.


1. Banana + Peanut Butter Cup

Everything about this is right and meant to be together: bananas, peanut butter, chocolate, and crunchy texture from the graham cracker. To make this s’more put four banana slices on a graham cracker and add the peanut butter cup on top of them. After your marshmallow has been toasted to perfection place it on top of the peanut butter cup and sandwich with the other graham cracker.

Photo By Shawn Hamilton
Photo By Shawn Hamilton


2. Apple + Nutella

The green apple brings some crunchy texture and slight acidity to this treat. In my opinion the apples with the chocolate and graham cracker basically make this a mini apple pie. Slather one graham cracker with a whole bunch of Nutella, add three Granny Smith apple slices, top it off with a gooey hot marshmallow, and bring it all together with another graham cracker.

Apple Nutella
Photo By Shawn Hamilton


3. Strawberry + Nutella

This was my favorite of all three s’mores variations. The strawberries bring just a little bit of tart flavor to the party that balances out the sugar from the Nutella and marshmallow. To make this spread a whole bunch of Nutella on a graham cracker and top with slices of fresh strawberries, hot marshmallow, and other graham cracker.

Strawberry Nutella
Photo By Shawn Hamilton


If you are not going camping this weekend, but still want to make these delicious s’mores, go the Hey Girl route: BBQ

Photo By Shawn Hamilton






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