Flavor Infused Ice Cubes

I bought a pair of shorts last September that don’t fit me now. I was trying to pinpoint exactly when I stopped caring about what I ate/drank and truly believed that one pizza a week (to myself) was considered moderation. I think it was around February, whatever…here I am now wanting to wear these shorts and they don’t fit. I’m not upset about gaining weight, I’m more upset that if I can’t fit back into these shorts it will be a waste of money and I will have to give them to one of my sisters who will never wear the adorable shorts I spent an hour shopping for just to spite me.

So it’s time to go to work on getting healthy friends, let’s do this. See you later pizza and donuts, hello running shoes and kale. People that are in much better shape than me have told me one of the most important habits I can have while working at losing weight is drink lots of water. The thing is plain water is boring and gross. I would walk around slamming water one glass at a time just to get it over with, I needed to upgrade my H20 habit.

I wanted something with flavor, but minus all the sugar and multisyllable ingredients I can’t pronounce. After serious R&D I ended up with flavor infused ice cubes. These are so  great because they add just enough flavor to water without being overly sweet and they make you look super fancy. Here is my favorite recipe:

Makes 15 one inch ice cubes

3-4 fresh strawberries
1 lemon


lemons and strawberries

Chop the strawberries and lemons into small wedge pieces


Fill and Freeze
I recommend using a silicone ice cube tray because after they freeze they are way easier to get out. I found a two pack at Marshalls for $8.00 but if you are too lazy to leave your house you can purchase the same one from Amazon here. There is no recommended way to fill the ice cube tray, it does look prettier post freezing if you put the lemons on the outside and the strawberries on the inside of the mold. also give the lemon slices a little squeeze before positioning them to release a little juice (flavor bonus!)

Filled Tray

Pur Water

Finished Cubes

Feel Superior to Your Friends With Boring Regular Ice Cubes

Not only are these infused ice cubes delicious but they make you look ridiculously  sophisticated. As the ice melts the flavors become more delicious and it turns your drink a pretty pink color. My favorite way to enjoy them is with sparkling water, it also makes people wonder if I am really drinking vodka (note to self: great way to disguise that I’m actually drinking vodka)

 so fancy

Yeah Girl

Other Variations That Would Be Delicious
You can use practically any kind of fruit, but I would hang out with you if I knew these were in your freezer.

raspberry + lemon

mint + lime

grapefruit + strawberry

orange + mint

What kind of ice cubes would you make?


      • Hey Girl… today I bought and ice cube tray and made the cubes with blueberries, oranges, kiwi and watermelon that I had leftover from a Memorial Day BBQ. Tomorrow I will try them in my water. My work girls will be so jealous.

      • I couldn’t wait to try my fruity ice cubes tomorrow. So i popped two into my water. They are delicious!!! The blueberries and oranges really add a lot of flavor. I’m not sure if I’m tasting the kiwi or not… time will tell…but the kiwi looks so cool (who wouldn’t love the look of sliced kiwi?.. uh..nobody). I’ll try more tomorrow.

      • I forgot to mention there’s pineapple in some of my cubes too. Looks neat, tastes great.

  1. Absolutely love this idea! Make these before my next surgery. Keep writing! I need you during recovery😊

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