Summer Iced Coffee

I just experienced my first 100 degree day in California this week and it reminded me of two things: that I need to get a pedicure because I will be wearing sandals in public soon and that it is iced coffee season! Iced coffee is my version of sweet tea, it is comfortable, lazy and best enjoyed outside on a porch. The other great thing about iced coffee it is seriously easy to make at home, I have three great recipes for you to try out:


1. The Classic

If you search iced coffee on the internet there are a lot of different ways that people will tell you to prepare it. I say go with what you like, but my favorite preparation is by far the Japanese Iced Coffee method. My friend and coffee professional Peter Giuliano made an amazing instructional video to show you how to do it that you can watch here. I know not all of you have a full pour over brewing setup at home, but don’t worry you can still make iced coffee with your regular coffee machine. Just use the same amount of coffee you would normally would, pour half the amount of water in the brewer, and make up the difference in the water with the same amount of ice in the coffee pot. Brew right over the ice and enjoy!



2. The Semisweet

If straight up iced coffee is a little too intense, add some goodies to sweeten it up without losing the great coffee flavor. I recommend a couple ounces of milk, and a splash of fresh vanilla extract or sugar. This will give you a creamy, sweet sippin drink!


3. The Say Hey Girl Blended Drink

I also like to call this the “Treat Yo Self” drink. It is for celebrating weekends, working out, or just paying bills on time. A lot of times blended coffee drinks end up overly sweet which can pack on calories, cavities, and general not good tastiness. My take on the blended drink has a few simple ingredients:

2/3 cup iced coffee

1/3 cup cereal sweetened milk (recipe follows)

1/2 tsp coffee grounds

1 cup ice

1/4 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Cereal Sweetened Milk:

This is completely inspired by one of my favorite places in the universe: Milk Bar in NYC

1/2 cup sweetened cereal (I used the one with marshmallows and sweetened cereal puffs)

1 cup of milk (feel free to substitute soy, almond, coconut, etc)

combine both ingredients in a jar and let it soak for 40 minutes turning 3 or 4 times to make sure the sweetness from the cereal gets evenly distributed throughout the milk.


Cereal Sweetened Milk

To make the Say Hey Girl Blended Drink combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend until it has a milk shake consistency. I am not a huge sweet drink person but if you prefer a  little bit sweeter drizzle caramel or chocolate sauce over the top. I garnished with a strawberry waffle stick.






Hey Girl, what do you say?

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