Adventures in Beauty: Avocado Hair Mask

I don’t think it should come as a shock to any of you that I spend a good amount of my life on Pinterest. It is the perfect time filler, you see there is a lot of line forming that happens in my daily life: banks, grocery stores, oil changes, post office. All of this gives me ample time to cruise around Pinterest and find exciting projects to “pin” to my virtual pin boards, let’s not talk about how many of them are actually accomplished post pinning.

I have been on the home beauty treatment hunt lately, and it turns out that the answer to most beauty conundrums comes from your refrigerator or cabinets. Another bonus is at home beauty is  much more affordable, so if you try something and it doesn’t work you are not out $55.00 and stuck with a tube of cream made from organically farmed baby salmon tears. The promise of the hair mask recipe I used was that it would make my hair “soft, supple, and frizz free.” I have what I describe as wavy-ish hair. It is in that weird place between bed head and actual curly hair, I branded my style as “California Wavy” and no one has called me out on it yet. What it really means is that my getting ready routine involves running some cream through my locks and letting them air dry…I know it is lazy, totally accepted that years ago.

This hair mask was low commitment and had pretty great results, here is what you will need:

1/2 an avocado
1 TBS Coconut Oil (you can sub olive oil, but coconut makes your hair smell better)
1TBS Honey


Combine everything in a bowl and make it the consistency of guacamole.

Hair Mask Mixed

Apply to your hair and wait 45 minutes


After the 45 minutes is up rinse the mixture out of your hair and shampoo and condition like normal. If you have really thick or long hair you might need to double the mask ingredients, I had just enough to give my hair a good coating.  It has been two days and my hair is still crazy soft, but not greasy or heavy. Summer means a lot of time worshiping the sun at the pool, beach, or lake (please wear sunscreen) which usually means hair ends up with a dry straw like texture. Give your hair some love with this easy at home treatment.


  1. Sounds like a great treatment. I would have to make sure to keep away from the dogs, because they might try to eat my hair. Also, I LOVE your invisible watch.

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