A Thank You to All Moms




I don’t know how to say thank you to someone for my place in the universe. I mean without my Mom who knows what crappy blog you would be reading right now. The thing I want to talk about with Moms is that they are not just your Mom, they are Moms to all. What I mean is they don’t think twice about utilizing their power of seeing the future to catch a kid right before they fall or touch something hot, sharp, or otherwise life threatening. Did you ever get lost as a kid in the store? You probably just grabbed some lady that looked like Mom from the knee down, but that woman comforted you until you stopped crying and walked around until real Mom was found. They also fix scraped appendages, give the most comforting hugs, and always make sure you are safe and well fed.  Moms of the world do this for any kid: your friends, your cousins, some kid at the mall…they have you covered. It is like there is some international Mom conference every year and they all sign a waiver saying they would look after each other’s children. I think part of it was to exchange phone numbers too so if you did anything stupid that threat of “I’m calling your mom!”  could totally come true (it still scares me).

I am beyond lucky to have two amazing women who Mom me. My biological mom, who despite my best attitude efforts, has loved me since birth and my Stepmom, who got to skip all the terrible teenage years part and move right on to being friends with me. Both of these women have unending amounts of strength, patience, and love that they share without question. These are the women I call when I’m sick, when I’m sad, or when I can’t figure out why my instant Jell-O pudding recipe was not working (may or may not be a real story). These women love instead of judging, laugh instead of complaining, and always remind me to take care of myself first. I see pieces of both of them in myself and am proud to reflect these qualities as a woman.

Moms, Stepmoms, Grandmas, Teachers, Friends, and Moms everywhere: Thank you for holding our hands when we cry, for the kind words when we crumble, for the tough love when we deserved it, for notes in our lunches, for the home made Halloween costumes, for valuing us over any amount of sleep, and for loving unconditionally.

Happy Mother’s Day

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