Making Magic

design a life you love


I believe in the universe. I believe that if you do good, you get good back. I don’t believe in magic. The word “magic” implies some sort of passive and random luck, like a lightening strike. Luck is an easy way to write off hard work.

I travel a good amount, for work and for pleasure, because it is something I love… am I lucky? Nope. I knew it was what I wanted to do and started making it a reality years ago when I graduated from college. I didn’t know what my exact career path would be but I knew it would take me to different cities. I started putting my “good” into the universe: I fostered professional relationships with people who traveled for work to find out how I could do it too, I constantly searched for job opportunities that included travel, and I said “yes” to every volunteer opportunity that would get me in front of new people who could help me with the next step. Here I am nine years, nine countries, 26 cities, and one haggard suitcase later.

When I started this blog I knew it would be a vehicle for me to put more good into the universe, I never really expected anyone besides my family to read it. I wanted it to feel like a place where readers could take a quick break and feel like they were having a meaningful, but entertaining, conversation with a friend. It turns out you all are really into that shit! I was at a coffee conference last week and was absolutely blown away any time someone said “I read your blog and I love it.” I was even more blown away that anyone would be excited to meet me in person. It felt magical, but I know it is really because all of you that read these posts are just giving the good back to me. Every comment, share, or follow on social media is giving the good back, and I am so thankful for it.

This is a growth year for Say Hey Girl and I’m 90% excited and 10% really freaking scared. I know where I’m going but don’t have detailed directions. I’m looking forward to finding the good in every challenge and celebrating every victory with you.

I believe in cultivating my own magic.

Hey Girl, what do you say?

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