Rice Krispies Treat Coconut Peep Nest

I’m back with another Easter project, but this one is edible! These “nests” are low commitment (read as no actual baking skills are required) and make a unique surprise for your favorite niece, nephew, friend, or coworker. People will think you are really creative and I am 100% fine with you taking all the credit. Just picture yourself waving your hand dismissively at the showering of compliments while saying something like “oh, it is no big deal really I just whipped these up last night.” A Super Aunt/Friend/Co-Worker is born!



1 1/2 cups sweetened coconut flakes

6 cups Rice Krispies

1/4 cup butter plus an extra tablespoon for greasing pans

1 (10oz) bag marshmallows

Peeps or other small Easter candy

green food coloring

5 tablespoons of frosting

1 muffin tin or several 3 inch ramekins

Makes 12 nests


Dye Job

Scoop the coconut flakes into a mixing bowl and add 5 drops of green food coloring. If you want a darker green add more food coloring a couple drops at a time. Mix thoroughly until your desired color of green is achieved and set to the side.

Coconut Grass


Before making the Rice Krispies Treats grease the muffin pan or ramekins with butter. Melt butter and marshmallows in a saucepan on low heat, stirring occasionally. Add Rice Krispies and mix until the cereal is well coated. Leave the mixture on the lowest heat setting possible because as soon as the treats start to cool they become much more difficult to form into a nest shape.  Scoop about half a cup of Rice Krispies Treat mixture into each muffin tin and allow it to cool for about 30 seconds. Use your fingers or a spoon to form the nest shape (I used a 3 inch clear bowl in the picture below so the process is easier to see).  Allow the nests to cool completely before removing them from the pan by giving it a light twist. If you are working with ramekins it is in your best interest to recruit an assembly line partner, one to scoop and one to form the nests. Alternatively if you don’t own a muffin pan or ramekins you can scoop the warm mixture on to parchment paper and form the nests by hand, kind of like Play Dough! Pro Tip for this part of the project: put some butter on your finger tips so they don’t stick to the warm marshmallow.




Dress the Nest

When your nests are completely dry and removed from the muffin tin it is time to invite green coconut back to the party. apply a thin layer of frosting around the edge of the nest (I dyed my green with food coloring, this is completely optional).


Frosted Nest

Next grab a pinch of the coconut and sprinkle it over the frosting and middle of the nest. Add your Peep or other candy of choice and bask in your greatness. Pro Tip: if you apply a tiny amount of frosting to the bottom of the Peep it will help it stay secure in the nest.



Peeps are just the beginning of what the edible nest can hold! They would be great for jelly beans, chocolate eggs, or really any other small candy. What will you put in yours?


Peeps in their Nest


Creme Egg





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