DIY: Easter Message Egg

I am giddy with excitement to share this Easter project with you! It was inspired by fortune cookies, messages in a bottle, and gold spray paint. This project takes a little bit of time to complete, but the end result is ridiculously fun! Read on below for how to make your own Easter Message Egg:


Sewing needle, 1/16 drill bit, 7/64 drill bit (if you don’t have drill bits you can use a very sharp pencil), scotch tape, eggs, spray paint, paper, pen, glitter (optional, but why not?), and a big lung capacity.

Step 1: Poke Some Holes

For this project the egg has to maintain it’s whole shape but we need to empty the insides out to make room for all the glitter and message. We will do this with a super scientific technique  that most people learn in school called “egg blowing.” To start we need two holes in the egg, one at the top and one at the bottom. As you may know egg shells are fragile so start by putting a small piece of scotch tape over the top of the egg (this keeps your puncture tool from sliding around on the shell surface) and push the sewing needle through, repeat the same process at the bottom of the egg.







Once there are holes at the top and bottom remove the scotch tape. Next take the 1/16 drill bit and apply gentle pressure while twisting it back and forth in the same spot as the needle hole. After the hole is the size of the 1/16 drill bit switch to the bigger  7/64 size and repeat the same action for both holes on the egg. If you don’t have drill bits you can use other house hold objects like small nails or a very sharp pencil. Don’t worry if you crack the egg a little bit around the hole opening we will be painting over the shell later.


small drill bit

Step 2: Egg Blowing

This is where a big lung capacity comes in handy. There is no real tricks to getting the yolk out, take a deep breath and go for it! After you have emptied the egg let it dry for at least 4 hours (you don’t want your message covered in egg). A bonus of egg blowing is you while you are waiting for the shells to dry you can reward yourself with a delicious frittata made from all the yolks. Ready, set, go…


Egg Blowing Yolk Blowing

 Step 3: Add a Message

After your empty shells thoroughly  dried it is time to add a message. As with most things in life it is best to keep the message short and sweet, I used a strip of paper that was about 5 inches long and  .5 inch wide.



When you are done composing the message wrap the strip of paper around the 1/16 drill bit or small object that was used to make holes in the egg. Wrap the paper as tight as possible, you will need make sure it fits through the bottom hole rolled. Once it is rolled gently push it into the hole in the bottom of the egg. If the hole is not big enough don’t worry, gently chip away at the edge of the hole to make the opening wide enough for your message.


rolling insert message

The message is inside the egg, now there are two options: move on to step four or GLITTER! I think you know which option I went for. Make a funnel that has an opening the same size of the hole and pour some glitter in with your message.



Step Four: Paint and Pack

After the egg is filled with a glittery goodness place a piece of tape over the bottom hole and give it a nice coat of spray paint. When the paint is dry arrange the painted egg in  a gift box ( I bought mine at Michael’s for $.79 each) and write some fun instructions for the recipient.


Tape Egg Message

I smiled all the way through making this because I LOVE surprising people! The reactions have been so great, recipients think the eggs are part amazing and part magic, I tend to agree.  What would your Easter Message Egg say?


Easter Egg Message



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