DIY Glitter Clothespin Clips

This DIY was inspired by a bag of stale salt and vinegar chips. Motivated to keep one of my favorite junk food snacks fresh I went on Amazon in search of “chip clips” and quickly realized they were over priced clothespins. I’m all for functionality but I also like things to be stylish…even my chip clips. So armed with glitter, glue and some plain functional clothespins I made magic, and now you can too!


What You Need:


Step 1: Brush Glue on the Clothespin

Use the foam brush to apply glue in a thin layer. This ensures that your glitter will not go on clumpy.

You want the glitter to go on smooth.


Step 2: Give Your Clothespin a Glitter Bath

The glitter bowl is your best friend, unless you like vacuuming then you should just go for it over your living room carpet. Pro Tip: knock extra glitter off by tapping the clothespin on the side of the bowl before setting down to dry.

glitter bowl

glitter bath

Step 4: Stop Touching

After you have coated both sides of your clothespin with sufficient amounts of glitter let them dry.

Place them on their sides so they don’t stick to the surface they are drying on.

Don't Touch

Step 5: Be Amazed at All the Uses

While I originally intended for these to be an amazing chip clip my creativity went into overdrive.

See some of the other ways I have put these beauties to good use:

chip clip

chip clip

print display clips


post card clip


This was easy! Attach a magnetic strip with glue to the back of the clothespin and your favorite unicorn sticker on the front. If you are into that kind of thing.


What would you use glitter clothespin clips for?

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