When Meh Takes Over



I kind of love the word “meh.” You don’t need me to tell you what it means or what sort of vocal inflection should be used when saying it, it is all right there in the arrangement of those three letters. It’s not a joyful word, but it is not an angry word either. Meh is just there, shrugging it’s shoulders, not caring what you think about it. Yeah, meh is pretty good sometimes.

This morning I woke up feeling 98% meh. Maybe it is a vacation hangover…all my body really wants to do is sleep in late, sit on a sunny patio in New Orleans, eat more donuts, and continue to ignore all the email ping notifications. Maybe it’s I have never been a morning person so as I write this at 9:15 I’m still a little foggy. Maybe I am feeling the depressing effects of binge watching Walking Dead. Maybe I am overwhelmed by all of the ideas in my “Get Your Shit Together” notebook that chronicles all my professional day dreams and future plans (and brainstorms and terribly drawn doodles). On a scale of 1 to ‘sitting in a bathtub full of tarantulas’ I would take the tarantulas over saying what my life plans are out loud sometimes, yeah it is that scary. You know what is even more frightening? When the person you do tell (hopefully you are the same as me and tell people you respect and that inspire you) says “that is a great idea, and perfect for you!” I said it out loud, and you agreed. Now it is a real thing… ok, back to more writing in the notebook.

Anyway all of this stuff is sort of swirling in my head which means I am obviously getting zero things done, i’m in a “meh-funk” hard friends. Usually I de-funk by taking a walk, working out, baking anything with copious amounts of sugar and butter, changing my current view (go work from a cafe), or just sit somewhere busy and people watch. Anything to distract from the swirling. Today I have decided to embrace the swirl, and work it to my advantage.

I started by writing down all of the nagging worries in my head, literally everything from “a really big earthquake” to “going broke.” Nothing was too ridiculous, I just needed it on the paper and out of my brain. Then I went back through and realistically assessed if there was anything I could do about these problems. If the answer was “no” it got crossed off the list and I relieved myself from worrying about it.

I went back through the list again. Anything that was within my control I wrote a few words about how I would handle it. So for “I don’t go home a enough” I wrote “go home 2 times a year for a least four days each visit. Try to make birthdays and big days every time”

I went back through again and got even MORE specific! Dates, time frames, cost estimates for getting things done, you know…some actual framework of plans. It was not a pretty looking thing when I was done, but either was my brain when I woke up this morning. I took my plans and wrote them down neatly in my notebook where they will live as some sort of answer key, you know like in the back of the math book where they give you the answers to all the odd questions. The plans are flexible, but I was more appreciative for the process of writing them – my life plan written by me for me that captures all my weird fears and ramblings.

So here is to not letting “meh” take over my Monday. After an hour of brain churning, writing, and more brain churning I feel inspired and reenergized. I have a plan! It’s not perfect, I will get thrown off again, but I have tons of notebooks to handle that.

How do you de-funk yourself?


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