DIY: Transit Ticket Magnets

If I had to list my favorite things in life it would look something like:

1. Travel

2. A well tailored dress

3. Warm donuts

4. A good pair of patent leather pumps in a bright color

5. Hot showers (it’s where I do my best brainstorming/world domination planning)

I feel like I am a little unique in that when I travel places I am not really a “things” collector. I don’t need a shot glass, T-shirt, or key chain to remember the trip. The things I would want to bring back are the intangibles, like the made fresh daily pizza I had in Rome with a view of the Colosseum, or the oysters and champagne I had on a tiny cobblestone restaurant patio in France, or the feeling I had when I rode the tallest swing carousel in the world in Vienna with my best friend.

I also believe while traveling there is a lot of value in using the local forms of transportation. You get to see the city and it’s people from a much more authentic perspective than you do out the window of a taxi cab. Will you probably get lost? Yes. Will getting lost probably lead you to stumble upon something you never would have seen had you taken a taxi? Yes. Will people ignore your confusion and berate you if you ask for directions? No, this has never happened to me ever.

My one “thing” I collect while traveling is transportation tickets, tokens, and cards so eventually I ended up with a giant pile of them stashed away in a drawer somewhere, until now! I decided I wanted to display them somehow so I every time I looked at them it would be like a mini day dream/flashback. Where would I put these little treasures where I would see them on a regular basis? The refrigerator obviously! So here is how to turn your own travel tickets, hotel keys, concert tickets, etc into magnets (I used airline shuttle tickets from a trip to France):


What You Will Need:

black heavy card-stock, scissors, your ticket, tacky glue, and adhesive magnetic tape.

1. Cut 2 strips of the magnetic tape the same length as your ticket

Travel Ticket Magnet Supplies

2. Trace the outline of your ticket on to the black card-stock, cut it out, and glue to the back of your ticket.
Glue it Gurl

3. When card-stock backing is dry attach adhesive magnetic tape onto the top and bottom edges:

Attach Magnetic Strip

4. Throw it up on your fridge and enjoy!

Gosling called

What would you turn into a magnet?



  1. GENIOUS!! Now I know what to do with all of Payton’s “crap” from his various travels!! He needs the shot glass. But he also collects brochures, tickets, receipts, programs, etc…

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