Surviving in the Whirlwind

I’m having one of those life moments where I feel like I am standing in the middle of the Wizard of Oz twister watching a combination of tasks, dreams, and unanswered emails swirl around me. I’m swallowed up and am not sure where to start, so I don’t. I make coffee, do laundry, check Instagram, call my mom, read Jezebel, and plan low carb dinner meals…none of which check any of my life boxes.

I want 2014 to be THE year for Say Hey Girl so I am setting some pretty lofty goals, and to be honest it is all very frightening. I know what the finish line looks like I am just not sure what my running playlist should be to get me there. Times like these remind me why I surround myself with inspiring people. They help me put together the playlist. They tell me to stay the course, challenge my ideas so I can make sure they are fully formed, they hug me, they take me out for martinis, and they unwaveringly believe in me. Sometimes I solicit this advice and sometimes the universe just steps in when I need it most, like today.

Just when I was in fully frazzled freak out mode I received a surprise piece of mail from a woman named Laura who writes a food blog in Kansas City called KC Morsel. I met Laura about a year ago at a coffee event in Australia and have loved watching how her passion has led to her continued success as a writer, artist, and coffee professional. Everything about this package made me smile (see the pics below) but it was the way she ended the message of her card (her HAND MADE card!) that I needed. It was simple: “Good luck on all your awesome endeavors!”

I snapped back into action thinking “yeah, thats me the girl with the awesome endeavors! Those plans are not just going to happen by themselves, so get it together girl.”

I can’t wait to bring new features, content, and awesome endeavors to this blog for you to read about. I also can’t wait to share my successes, failures, and amusing embarrassments I experience along the way. Laura thank you for reminding me how important it is to always be encouraging and how small gestures can bring the greatest appreciation. I will be returning the favor very soon to somebody.

Has someone made your day recently? Share it with me and let’s cultivate the good Friday vibes!



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