Music Inspired Beauty Looks

Another amazing guest post from Savanah Kim:

I’ve never really been good at the whole music thing.  My pattern with it has always been as follows: I find a band or artist that I like, proceed to listen to them to death, and then just…keep listening to them.

This senseless method is propelled slightly by laziness, but mostly by my fear of change.  I panic and eventually shut down when faced with the unknown (I can’t help it – it’s how us Nierzwicki women were built).  So when I find something I love (in this case, music), I cling to it for dear life.  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” as annoying people everywhere still say.

As you can imagine, my strange music tendencies have some downfalls.  I barely ever listen to anything new, so I of course am missing out on a lot of legit artists.  While you all were getting into Florence and the Machine, I was still blasting Earth Wind & Fire in my Nissan.  For the record, I WILL find an EW&F cover band to play at my wedding or so help me god.

On the other hand, there is one positive side effect to my closed-mindedness.  With the time a normal person would dedicate to finding new music, I spend researching, dissecting, and overall obsessing over my few select bands of choice.  I am a walking vault of knowledge – I could tell you where my favorite musicians were born, what every one of their tattoos means to them, and what brand of eyeliner they wear ( Ugh, I’m so predictable).

I realize this obsessive behavior is kind of weird and even borderline stalking, but I mean, there are worse hobbies to have, like extreme couponing. The information I carry can occasionally come in handy, like if I happen to stumble into a trivia game consisting solely of questions about Billie Joe Armstrong’s romantic life, I would absolutely win the top prize. I’m sorry, I promise I don’t really even like Green Day that much anymore.

Still, I feel like I should be doing more with the obnoxious amount of personal knowledge I have regarding these artists.  Should I start writing biographies? Maybe volunteer to be the host of their episode of Inside the Music?  Time will tell, I guess.

For now, I decided to go a more creative route to appropriately capture the essence of my favorite groups.  Below are my best beauty interpretations of each, along with why they are on my short list of musical heroes. Click on the band name to listen to them while you read about my looks!


Ah, Alkaline Trio.  This band was my LIFE in high school.  Every day after high school, I would rush home to watch their Halloween at the Metro DVD on repeat.  Surprisingly, my dad was a little nervous for me when he saw that the trio was dressed in priest outfits and covered in fake blood.  It’s art, Dad! Their ability to turn lyrics about blood and guts into heart wrenching love songs gets me every time.  With their morbid undertones, comical lyrics (“If a**holes could fly, this place would be busier than O’Hare.”), and catchy hooks, I was in love from the start. It also doesn’t hurt that I think Matt Skiba is the second most handsome man ever and can pull off a nose ring like nobody’s business.

I searched the internet for the best rendition of their logo, convinced it would be my first tattoo the day I turned 18.  I dragged my friend to all of their shows within driving distance, hoping one day to be able to actually meet them in the flesh.  I made plans to travel to San Francisco just so that I could hang out at Skiba’s favorite spot (a cemetery, of course), and wait for him to turn up.  It was a confusing time.

The Look:

Okay, so it didn’t take much thought to determine that the beauty equivalent of Alkaline Trio would be dark.  However, I didn’t want to go full goth since that’s not completely their thing either.  To represent the simplicity of the music, I chose to only use a few products.  I went with the obligatory dark eyeliner but kept the lips neutral.  My hair is already black, so I had that going for me.  I pinned the top portion back and let the rest run wild to mimic the roughness of the band’s sound.  One of Trio’s more romantic songs “Clavicle,” inspired the small accent on my own clavicle.  To keep it from being too emo, I drew an upside down cross to symbolize the band’s tendency to gravitate towards the sinister side of things.

Alkaline Triophoto by Cody Kinart


So I broke the rules with this one.  Kadavar is one of my boyfriend’s favorite bands, so I have been forced to listen to them for some time now.  Surprisingly enough, they are growing on me.  My boyfriend has proclaimed that if he ever for some reason has to drive off of a cliff into the sunset, the band’s ingeniously titled album “Abra Kadavar” would be his go-to soundtrack.

I did a bit more research of my own and found that the band hails from Berlin, Germany and released their first record in 2012.  Black Sabbath is an influence for the trio, but not in an annoying copycat way. When I asked my boyfriend if they were considered “metal,” he responded “NO! They’re psychadelic-doom metal.”  Whatever that means.  But they do have some amazing nicknames: Lupus, Dragon, and Tiger.  I am in love.

The Look:

I am inspired by Kadavar’s look alone.  I mean, look at that facial hair.  The band obviously worships the 70’s.  For this reason, I decided to do the same with my own interpretation.  Women in this decade certainly weren’t shy with their makeup, so I went all out with some bright blue eyeshadow and peach lips.  I even decided to conquer my lifelong fear of fake eyelashes, and slapped some of those babies on too! For my hair, I of course had to attempt some feathering.  My current cut doesn’t allow me to reach full Farrah Fawcett potential, but I gave it my best shot.  Finally, I had to incorporate some leather to do the band justice.

Kadavphoto by Cody Kinart



I’ve been listening to Yellow Ostrich, an indie rock band from Brooklyn, for a couple of years now.  They aren’t very well known, but they should be. Their sounds is refreshing and light, and their hooks are impossible to get out of your head. Most of the songs are of the romantic, lovelorn variety, but the singer somehow manages to add a positive twist to even the saddest of subjects.  The boys seem slightly naive to the ways of the world…but in the most adorable way possible.  I just mostly want to hug them and feed them cotton candy.

The Look:

I got lucky with this one since there is a color within the actual name of the group.  I took full advantage by incorporating yellow into my eyes, nails, and outfit. I’m almost ashamed at how easy this one was.  I kept the look basic, but happy.  The innocence of the vocals inspired the simplicity of it all.  Lastly, I of course sealed the deal with a swipe of bubble gum pink lipstick.

Yostrich1photo by Cody Kinart

What kind of looks would your favorite bands inspire?

1240492_10200661532011263_35911542_nSavanah was born and reluctantly raised in Wisconsin (just kidding, Milwaukee’s not that bad).  She’s a project manager by day, but will never be able to completely let go of her coffee roots.  She is mom to puppy Hannah, partner to Cody, and enjoys pancakes, and Will Smith movies. Want to read more?  She blogs about mental health here.

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