Hey Girl Coffeeing Giveaway

Holy crap you you guys! 5000+ of you had nothing better to do with 5 minutes of your day than watch my Hey Girl Guide to Coffeeing. This is amazing and makes me feel grateful and thankful that we are friends. For those of you that shared, re-tweeted, and emailed the link I have a big hug with your name on it. Like I have  said before, this little blog has connected me to so many hilarious, beautiful, and inspirational people (I am totally talking about YOU!) and some day we are going to throw a big party in honor of our awesomeness. For now though to celebrate my 5000th video view I want to give you the chance to win some super fly prizes on me. I am running a Hey Girl Coffeeing photo contest and the rules are super easy: go to a cafe, take a picture of your gorgeous self coffeeing and post the pic on your favorite social media platform (Twitter.Facebook/Instagram) using the hash tag #HeyGirlCoffeeing. The winning photo will be chosen 1/30/2014 by me and video Editor/Director Nick Cho, winner will receive bags of my favorite coffees, a mug, confetti, a hand written love letter from me and other awesome surprises that may or may not include Ryan Gosling’s phone number.

Can’t wait to see what you all come up with and thank you so much again!

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 9.43.39 AM

Photo by Nick Cho

Hey Girl, what do you say?

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