Champagne Chats

Ok so don’t look now but we totally just blew through another year.  2013 brought me to a lot of new cities, one new single gal apartment, one “Hey Girl Guide To” video and forty blog posts. It continually amazes me that you probably have a super fabulous life going on and yet you take a little slice of time to stop and read my posts. It’s my dream to invite all of you to a giant party with endless champagne and trays of tiny food items (if you eat 5 mini cheesecakes it still doesn’t equal one real one, promise) where we laugh, share stories, and then are all home in bed before midnight. You know me pretty well from my posts, and you keep coming back so that kind of makes us friends…like a pen pal friend that you tell everything to because you don’t think you will ever meet them in real life. Since I can’t throw my super glamorous “We Kick Serious Ass” party (yet) I am bringing the party to you once a month in my new blog feature called Champagne Chats.

Champagne Chats goes like this: You submit questions, discussion topics, or general life queries using the anonymous submission form below. I take all your conversation topics to brunch with some of the most fun and beautiful people I am lucky to know, we talk about everything over champagne. After the Champagne Chat session I publish everything here, it’s like you came to brunch with us!  The way this works well is if we have a lot to talk about, nothing is too silly. The first Champagne Chat is happening Jan 1st so get to submitting, I can’t wait to see what we have to chat about!

Hey Girl, what do you say?

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