Champagne Cranberry Float

Let’s all hold hands and take a collective deep breath, Christmas is tomorrow. Whatever you are doing to celebrate the holiday I can only assume that you are spending today feverishly preparing for it. This might mean finishing up shopping (you are crazy!), wrapping presents, preparing a side dish for a communal meal, jumping on a plane (also crazy), or sitting around in your pajamas watching every holiday movie ever made while consuming nothing but sugar cookies.  In honor of all of your hard work and thoughtfulness during this time of year, I would like to propose a toast to you.

A toast implies champagne, which just happens to be one of my favorite beverages, not a coincidence friends. The Champagne Cranberry Float is festively fancy and takes minimal effort to put together, but you should totally take credit for creating it (your secret is safe with me). Make your own in 3 easy steps, raise your glass, and cheers to a wonderful holiday that I hope finds you surrounded by family, friends, laughter, and overwhelming amounts of love.


INGREDIENTS: Champagne, vanilla ice cream, fresh cranberries



PREP: Layer cranberries and vanilla ice cream in a champagne flute. Fill ingredients about 3/4 of the height of the glass leaving a little room at the top for the champagne pour.



POUR: Pop the cork and slowly pour champagne over the cranberry and ice cream layers. The concoction will bubble up sort of like a science experiment, but be patient it will subside after a few seconds.



ENJOY: I garnished with a pine sprig clipped from my Christmas tree and a couple extra cranberries. I recommend enjoying this under the mistletoe with a Ryan Gosling type.





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