Pie is Eternal

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We need to talk about the best decision you can make for the rest of 2013, it’s pie for breakfast. December is the best time to commit to this wonderful ritual for a few reasons. You are probably stressed, if you aren’t please come write a  “Hey Girl Guide to Not Losing Your Shit Over the Holidays” (I tried to do that and ended up writing this post instead). Baked goods really help with clear thinking, it is basically like butter meditation . Also, everyone knows December is the “pass month” for your diet and other peoples judgment of your meal choices, embrace it. December starts the season of office parties, cookies, chocolates, gift baskets packed with cured meats and cheeses, and that massive tin of tri-flavored popcorn that mysteriously never gets emptier no matter how many handfuls you consume (and clothing items you ruin with orange cheese dust). Pie is just as reasonable a breakfast choice as any other pastry (maybe even better!), here’s why:

Real Fruit: I bought, peeled, and macerated 7 granny smith apples for this pie. No can openers, no weird preservative juice, just real apples. Someone remind me again… “an apple a day” does what? Yeah, pie wins.

Oatmeal: Whole rolled oats, I wasn’t making it rain packets of that instant stuff. Whole rolled oats are low in sugar, calories, and can lower your cholesterol. Pie wins again.

Real Ingredients: from the crust, to the filling, to the spices everything was from scratch and as preservative free as I could get it. I know you are thinking, what about all the butter? First of all butter is delicious so you’re taste buds are welcome, in science backed information new studies are showing that butter is better for you than any of the artificial versions packed with unpronounceable ingredients.

Where the Magic Happens: For me there is something whimsical about pie for breakfast that I love. My inner 5 year old is thinking “You’re not the boss of me NOW Mom, I can eat pie whenever I want!” Pie doesn’t disappoint like that weird Secret Santa gift you will get from your coworker, it is eternally fulfilling and delicious.

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 10.05.53 AM

Pie has the whisper of home that gets me excited to hug the people I love surrounded by holiday music, lights, and more pie. So grab a fork and dig in friends, December is the month we eat pie for breakfast! Guaranteed to make you smile every single time, how could any day start better than that?

Find my go to pie recipe here have a good one of your own? Share it in the comments!


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