Salad Until Thanksgiving

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The end of daylight savings was a little over a week ago and I have had a few distinct behavior changes due to the lack of light in my days. Firs,t I am yawning 20 minutes after the sun goes down, at 5:30pm, and then swiftly after that at the very late time of 7:30 I am in my pajamas and ready for a Real Housewives marathon. Because it is dark and cold (I hear all of you non west coast readers gasping…I know LA doesn’t get cold COLD but it’s not warm!) all I want to eat is comfort food: macaroni and cheese, broccoli cheese soup, grilled cheese and tomato soup,  or any other food item…covered in cheese. I think it goes without saying that I am not working out either, but in case you were wondering I’m totally not, once I put those pajamas on there is no turning back from the 8:30pm bed time.

In an effort to treat my body better and be able to fit into clothes with a non elastic waistband I have recommitted to vegetables. For at least one meal a day until Thanksgiving I am eating a salad. How will I not get bored you ask? It’s called Pinterest and it never disappoints. When I typed in “salad recipe” I must have gotten over 1000 results, while I wanted to make the loaded baked potato salad with bacon and tangy sour cream dressing  I opted for options with a little more greenery. I have been doing a salad a day for about a week so far and loving it. I usually eat the salad for lunch because cold dinner when it is dark outside while I’m watching reality TV by myself in my pajamas just seems a little sad (I know, I am just missing about 12 cats then it is really sad). So far I have had plenty of variety and deliciousness, it doesn’t feel like a diet or a punishment and I still get to eat cheese. Want to see the salads I’m eating? follow my Pinterest board here

Have a great salad recipe for me? Leave it in the comments!


  1. I don’t cook so I am at a loss for actual recipes…but here is my favorite salad from a nearby restaurant, Teriyaki Grill. It’s the best! Tofu Avocado Salad: Mixed Greens, Blanched Vegetables (broccoli, carrots and that white asian cabbage-y stuff – steamed or you could stirfry), tofu chopped up into little squares, avocado and cucumbers, topped with sweet ginger dressing.

    • I know we would be BFFs if you lived in LA because I know exactly what “white cabbage-y stuff” you are referring to! This sounds delicious, thanks for the inspiration.

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