Giving Self Doubt the Finger

The month of August was a pretty self reflective month for me. I had some challenges thrown my way that I could have used as a reason to throw a big ole sad pity party. You know who wants to come to a pity party? No one, not even your BFF who probably would show up anyway but still try to talk you out of your mood the whole time (possibly by slapping you and saying “get it together”)…that is what BFFs are for, aren’t they great?

Instead of getting wrapped up in the  inconveniences in my universe,that brought me to frustration tears at some points (thats where the BFF “I love you, get it together” mantra comes in again), I decided to give frustration the middle finger and focus on what was going right, so I started a gratefulness journal. Every day I wrote down at least 3 things I was grateful for and also one goal I wanted to accomplish every week. I decided early on that nothing was too ridiculous to be grateful for and no goal was too small, the idea was to boost my confidence and positive energy…not set myself up failure. So while “master the entire dance sequence of Beyonce’s Single Ladies video” is definitely still a goal of mine, it didn’t make the journal list. I let go of judging myself, which felt really really great. Here are some of my favorite every day things I was grateful for, what would you add to your list?

HeyGirl 30 day Grateful Journal:

♥honest answers♥sleeping in♥new friends♥hot fudge sundaes♥silly inside jokes♥good hugs♥quiet Sunday morning coffee♥stamps in my passport♥laughing until my stomach hurts♥my sisters looking to me for advice♥a really good cupcake♥car cell phone charger♥my families sense of humor♥a well made martini♥good listeners♥all of my women friends (you seriously rock)♥open hearts♥dancing♥breakfast pizza♥clean slates♥peanut M&Ms♥finding a good deal on cute shoes♥writing ♥black out curtains♥smell of the ocean air♥working from a couch in my hoodie and yoga pants♥feeling missed♥good hair days♥new purfume♥LA sunsets when the city is bathed in pink, purple, and orange♥kale smoothies♥a random text from my sister that says “I love you”♥bike rides♥the look on someone’s face when I pay a compliment♥

One thought on “Giving Self Doubt the Finger

  1. Reading the first part of this post made me think of when you wrote about your mom – how’s she doing? I’m all for car cell phone chargers and there is nothing like a good hug, which makes me think of Andi Trindle 🙂

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