Journaling My Way to a Stress Free 30 days

Oh hey, It’s August! I’m so not ready to say goodbye to summer so I am going to cram this last month of my favorite season full of beach days, ice cream, wine tasting, naps, a lot of laughing and writing.

I have had some pretty big changes happen the last couple weeks that are putting some stress on me. Before I go any further things you should know about me and life decisions:

  • It takes me a while to come to decisions on big things ( I believe my dad would call it ‘hemming and hawing’)
  • I totally second guess whatever decision I make. My friends have been known to tell me to “shut up and just go with it” (thank you friends, sometimes tough love is the answer)
  • While I am debating/second guessing/stressing I will eat any milkshake, donut, cronut, hot fudge sundae, cookie, or anything else that is high in sugar content and within reach. I’ll admit it, that is my favorite part of my decision making process, so what?

As a more productive way to deal with stress I have decided to start a journal for the month of August as my 30 day resolution. This article tells me that three of the scientifically proven ways ( science is no joke) to be a happier person is to count my blessings, try something new and set goals for myself. Journaling will help me with all of these, in turn making me a happier and less stressed human being.  Well, that is the goal. So every day at the very least I will be writing down 3 things I am thankful for that day but I am also going to push myself to set goals, talk about what inspires me, and remind myself why I kick serious ass.

Here is to another 30 days of growing friends!

Do you journal? Let me know how it helps you in the comments!

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