Summer Adventuring in Los Angeles

I do my best thinking on airplanes. It probably has something to do with the fact that I I’m surrounded by strangers with no access to emails, status updates, or picture messages from my friends about which outfit is appropriate for a brunch date ( who am i kidding? I LOVE outfit choice picture messages!! I wish I could turn that into a reality show or job that makes money).  Being on a plane gives my mind a lot of time to wander and as I write this I am en route to France via NYC and Frankfurt, so please get ready for a few posts to get pumped out of this trip, yay productivity!

The first official day of summer was June 21st which, in my beloved city of Los Angeles, means it is time even shorter work days, cute pedicures, new paparazzi proof sunglasses, a giant floppy hat (we are all still trying to chase youth here) patio brunches, and wearing nothing but a bathing suit and coverup for 48 hours straight without judgement from society.

My favorite season in LA is summer, everyone just seems happier…maybe it is because we are all drinking more, but whatever. In order to take advantage of the living in the best city in the universe and to satisfy my love for crossing things off a list I have put together the “2013 LA Summer Activity Wish List” As I cross things off I will document it all here for you. Have suggestions for more fun LA activities , let’s call them funtivities from here on out?  Let me know what I should add! Do you have a funtivity  list for your hometown? I want to see it!

Happy Adventuring


Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 10.12.12 AM


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