Chasing The Fear

31 years ago I was introduced to the universe on June 5th. In my mind 31 is what I like to call a “throw away year” it’s not a milestone like 30 and there are no awesome perks at 31, certainly nothing that can compare to the joy of turning 21 and flashing my ID at the bar.  It is like 20, I am a year older and that is about it. That is no small feat though! Surviving an entire year in this crazy world is nothing to scoff at friends, do you know how much pastry willpower I had over the previous 12 months? It was serious work.  I was going to write you a post about reflecting back on my past years and what I have learned but if I am honest I am still learning and  I learn more when I listen. So I asked a few amazing women I know that are ages higher than 31 what one piece of advice they would give to their 31-year-old selves:

“Don’t compromise yourself just because you think it is what other people expect. Do what is right for yourself”

“Explore more, dream bigger, and remember that you are so young! Really embrace it, this is such a great time in your life”

“Remember to still have fun, remember your passions or find new ones, create new experiences and explore everything around you”

Advice I would give to myself at 31? “Chase the Fear”

This phrase came out of a conversation with my boss who is Australian, eccentric, a little crazy and has flashes of brilliance. We were spending quality time in the car driving from one meeting to the other in LA and he said to me “ I like being scared, it usually means I am close to a breakthrough.” This statement took me a little while to process but as it turns out is so very true.

Think about the last thing that really scared you. Changing jobs, talking about a difficult subject with your partner, moving to a new city, giving a presentation to a packed house of people, traveling to a foreign country, (writing this blog!!). All of these are breakthroughs waiting to happen, even if the only takeaway is phew, I survived that.

So for my June 30 Day Resolution and the rest of my life I will be chasing the fear and I encourage you to do so as well. It is not easy, it is uncomfortable, if you are like me you might get hives or say really dramatic things like “I will DIE if I have to do that!” Remember what is on the other end: clarity, insight, a stronger sense of self-worth and that feeling of ‘I totally kick ass, hey life…bring it”

Ok, I totally baited you into reading this post with the promise of embarrassing pictures of me over the last 31 years. Hey Girl, I never disappoint:


Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 3.44.55 PM



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