Week in Pictures – Australia!

I spent May 19-28 in Melbourne, Australia and it was insanulous (you know, insane fabulous). The city is big without feeling overwhelming, beautiful, friendly, and clean like Chicago and Canada had a baby. This is what I learned from being down under:

1. “Breaky” = Breakfast

2. “How Ya Going” = How are you doing today?

3. “Rock Up” = arrive somewhere

4. Coffee = espresso all the time, every time (sorry brewed coffee lovers)

5. Aussie Rules Football is the only sport I can stay and watch the entire game ( I am officially a Bombers fan)

6. The jet lag is killer. I’m not even being dramatic, I flew home Tuesday afternoon and have been wide awake at 2:30am every night cruising amazing websites like this. I also learned the best way to get over jet lag is champagne.

This also means I have had a lot of free time to put together a lovely un-photoshopped montage of my trip for you. The first collage is me dealing with jetlag, a few shots of the city and a most awesome welcome package from my work: a phone that worked in Australia without paying international charges – you know I would for real die without access to social media for 10 days. The second collage is the event I was actually there to work at: The World Barista Championship 2013 ( I hope in your head you read that in a loud annoucery type voice). This competition is compiled of master baristas from all over the globe who compete once a year for the coveted title of World Champion, so basically the Olympics of coffee. And like the real Olympics I am happy to report the USA dominated and brought home the giant tamper trophy (that is the tool pictured that looks like a funky doorknob, it’s used to make your morning latte every day in your favorite cafe – drop it in conversation next time and blow your barista’s mind). My favorite moment this year was the impromptu dance session with my best friend on the competition floor after everyone had gone home for the night.  Below is what the room looked like before the stands were packed with fans cheering on their home country. Glad to be home but a little bit of my heart definitely stayed in Melbourne, enjoy!







WBC 2013

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