Burger Month

I really love a celebration. It usually involves a group of great people getting together, a reason to wear something besides yoga pants, and my favorite part…eating. So when I found out that May is National Burger Month I almost exploded with joy, an entire month of eating, I mean celebrating, the classic American meal?! I am obviously in.

In respect to my white skinny jeans I just purchased for summer I am indulging in only one burger meal a week for the entire month of May. I am all for cheat days being a part of a healthy diet but I also want my irresponsible calories to be worth it. If I am going to fall of the health wagon I want to enjoy every bite on the way down. With this in mind I started doing some serious internet research on the best burger joints in LA. After reading through endless Top 10 lists, food reviews, and having a serious conversation with my burger aficionado boyfriend I had an official check list.

The first place on the list  is a classic LA burger establishment The Apple Pan. This West LA landmark started serving burgers to the masses in 1947 and has kept people coming back ever since. This restaurant definitely has an old school no frills feel, when you walk in the interior is clad with wood, red plaid wall paper, and a U-shaped counter with about 30 red leather seats that are the only available seating for dine in. If you come during peak lunch or dinner times be ready to wait, it is totally worth it and the servers are good about moving people in and out from the counter. The kitchen/grill is located in the middle of the restaurant and divides the counter in half, each side has a dedicated server dressed in a classic all white uniform with a paper hat ready to hand jot down your order on a paper ticket.  There are two types of burgers on the menu: The steakburger that comes with mayo, pickles, house made sauce, lettuce and for $0.50 more cheddar cheese and the hickoryburger that is basically the same as the steakburger but with house made BBQ sauce. We ordered one of each along with a side order of fries. The fries come out first and were golden brown crunchy heaven, next the burgers are served up sans plate in paper wrapping. The bun is grill toasted and the mix of ground beef, sweet relish, mayo and cheese is the perfect balance of sweet and savory. All talking ceased once we started eating, our hands got messy, and we didn’t care… this is burger nirvana friends.  If you visit, and you totally should, also be sure to make an ATM pit stop as The Apple Pan is cash only.

Have your own favorite local burger spot? Share it in the comments!


Apple Pan West LA Location

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