April 30 Day Resolution

I was going to write a blog post about my 30 day resolution for April. I was going to tell you how it was mind and body month and I was doing physical workouts and 10 minute mediation sessions. I was writing that post before I left to go Boston last week.

I went to Boston for a work event and was on board a plane on the tarmac at Boston Logan airport on Monday bound for Newark, NJ and then Los Angeles. We had gone through the safety video, everyone was buckled in and in the upright position when a man in my row said out loud “bombs have gone off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.” Also happening at the same time was flight attendants walking through the aisles making people power down their electronic devices. My heart started to beat faster, my mind started to spin, and I felt a knot in my stomach forming. I had friends that were going down to watch the marathon and for the next 45 minutes would have no information on their well-being or the overall situation.

As soon as I landed in Newark our plane was shuttled into a holding zone on the tarmac with about 4 other planes. I powered up my phone and anxiously started texting friends and scrolling through social media to find more answers. I don’t need to tell you what I read or saw as the media coverage has been nonstop since the incident, but the knot in my stomach got a little tighter with each new piece of information.

Thankfully everyone I knew was safely accounted for and I boarded my plane in Newark with a heavy heart. I am sad to admit that I have lived through more than one of these national tragedies and it feels like a stomach punch you are not expecting. You lose you breath, you get light headed, and your tear ducts fill from surprise and pain. All of these emotions have been spinning inside of me since I landed back at LAX Monday night. I revisited my original blog post for April and it just felt insignificant and self centered. I feel so helpless for the communities and families in Boston that are suffering. The only thing that has really comforted me in regards to this incident is how people have banded together to help others blindly and unconditionally. For the rest of April and May I am challenging myself to inject as much positive energy and love into the universe as possible. I want people to feel important, happy, loved, and inspired.

I will be doing this through random notes left all over Los Angeles. I have put my crafty skills to work once again and have created note cards with some of my favorite inspirational phrases (that I obviously found on Pinterest). I will be leaving them at park benches, movie theatre seats, condiment holders in restaurants, parking meters…wherever I think people will see it and have a positive moment. I am also granting myself a break from all the news coverage, I need to take some time to remember how lucky I am to be here and  everyone I love is safe and sound. I’m glad you are here reading this and I hope you leave some notes of your own around your neighborhood. I believe that good energy wins over bad energy so let’s cultivate as much of it as possible.

Big Hugs


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