A ME Party!

Last Sunday I found myself all alone. I had no preset plans and everyone I knew was out of town, working, or still playing hard to get (I’m looking at you Gosling). I had a twinge of anxiety as that little voice in my head declared “OMG we are going to be sooooooo bored!” You see, I am naturally an extroverted person.  I gain a lot of my energy and inspiration from being around others so the prospect of being by myself all day seemed sort of uncomfortable. Which is exactly why I made the decision to shush my inner anxiety voice and embrace this experience 100%. There is a quote I saw on Pinterest, or in a fortune cookie, that accurately stated “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Turns out having a day all by myself is seriously awesome. I got to do whatever I wanted, I didn’t have to worry about anyone else’s opinion or preferences for food, activities, TV, shows, music, clothes, clothing..ok you get it. With no one to talk to and no one to distract my attention during the day I felt like I got to appreciate my world in a whole different way. I had time to just enjoy the moment of being, I know this sounds super zen meditation but it is true. I do my best writing by myself when it is quiet and I now have a new appreciation for that setting in other parts of my life. All of you should have Me Party Day, if a whole day seems kind of scary start with a morning or a few hours. Don’t over-think, don’t plan anything, just enjoy your own company and where the day takes you.

So what did I do? I had myself a nice little Sunday. I decided early on that I needed a soundtrack for my day (side note: this is also something I encourage everyone to have in their daily lives. Even if it is only in your own head have a soundtrack to your life…it helps keep you upbeat and inspires impromptu dancing. Mine is obviously a lot of Beyonce) so I decided to go with the newest Justin Timberlake album. The music from JT is funky and sexy but just slow enough for a leisurely Sunday. After I had my soundtrack I got down to serious business, brunch! I was not brave enough to go out and brunch by myslef so instead I whipped up coffee, eggs, a bagel, and a menagerie of reading material. It was so great, I decided “Who Wore it Best” in the gossip mag, researched staycations in LA Weekly, and picked out affordable spring outfits from Lucky.  Next I took care of some nagging life tasks that I had been ignoring for a while. You know like going through the junk mail pile, going through my closet and pulling clothes to donate, finally putting away my suitcase from work travel. After completing responsible adult-like activities it was back to fun! I stepped into my Rainbow flip flops and got outside to bask in the warm sunshine. I headed down to Venice Beach and made a pit stop at MY favorite lunch spot, The Cow’s End Cafe,  ordered MY favorite sandwich and found MYSELF a sweet spot in the sand with an ocean view to enjoy. After my sandwich was gone I sat there enjoying the crashing of the waves, crisp salty sea air, and cool breeze rushing off the water. I didn’t think about anything, zero just sat there and appreciated the moment. It was the best day.


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